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Re:Question on CharamaSlokam
Date: Sun Oct 22 2000 - 17:26:58 PDT

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namah:

Dear Sri Suresh,

The charama slokam is nothing but a soothing, solace for us, deeply immersed in
scorching,  samsaaric oceans. To remove the taapam, that is the assuaging
assurance from the Lord.. "Not to worry" anymore. The mere recitation of that
sloka is a gentle reminder to oursleves everyday (and also to Sriya: Pathi
Sriman Narayanan for saving us, who have surrendered to Him alone ).

Also, we can enjoy recitation of this charama slokam (as Sri Vijay Triplicane
pointed about two years agom in the list for the same query), with a suffix..

as "Sarva dharmaan..... sucha.. enRu sonna GeethachAryan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam".

Narayana Narayana
adiyEn Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

Given below for our enjoyment a translation of Swamy Desikan's Charama sloka
churukku- written by our dear Sri Satakopan mama in the list a couple of years
ago. (I seek Sri Satakopan mama's permission to post this for everyone's

Verse 1 of Carama slOka curukku

kallAr ahalum karumamum j~nAnamum  kaathalum marru
yellAnilaikaLukku(m) yErpa vithittha kirisaikaLum
vallAr mulha vali izhandAr yenranai tthozhuha yenru
yellaa dharumamum uraitthavan inn adi sErnthanamE

( Meaning ) : Those knowledgeable  ones with proficiency
in SaasthrAs can perform effectively Karma Yogam , J~nana
Yogam and Bhakthi Yogam . The untutored rest will go
away from the practise of the above three yogAs based on their
inadequacy about their ability to perform these difficult yogAs .

It is hence understandable  that those , who are skilled in true
knowledge will perform one of these three yogAs for their
salvation . For those , who are not capable of performing
these ardous yogAs , I will stand in the place of these yogAs ,
when they surrender themselves to Me unconditionally ; I  will bless  them
with the full fruits of these yogAs . ( Swami Desikan states at the very end of
this verse that he has taken refuge at the sweet and sacred feet of
the GeethAchAryan, who made such a pledge out of
His infinite compassion for us all ) .

(Extended meaning) O ChethanA ! Your understanding of the tattvAs
is limited . Your power to grasp the full meaning of the saasthrAs
is also limited . You are here on this earth of Mine for a limited time .
You are in an impatient and restless state of mind and are unable to put
up with the delay in gaining Moksha Siddhi . You recognize that
it is well nigh impossible to practise any one of the three yOgAs ( Karma ,
J~nAna and Bhakthi yOgAs ) ; you also recognize that they take too
long to bear fruit . Therefore , do not roam hither and thither chasing
these three difficult-to-practise yogAs as routes appropriate
for your salvation .

I am easy of access to one and all .
I am the refuge for all of the beings of the universes.
You elect Me and Me alone as your sole refuge . Perform SaraNAgathi
to Me with its five angAs (limbs ) .When once you perform that act ,
you become a krutha Krithyan ( one who has done his duty ) .
Through this act of BaranyAsam , You have become a special
chEthanA , who is to be protected by Me. You become very dear
to Me as a result of this  aathma samarpaNam act of yours .
My love for you is limitless.

I will begin to bless you rightaway . There is no
limit or obstacle to my independence and power . I am the one ,
who is the reaper of the reward for My action on behalf of you .
My sankalpam ( volition ) is the only basis and support  for My
act of coming to your rescue . The multitudes of your enemies
that interfere with your goal to reach me are limitless . They
are immeasurable . You can not destroy them on your own accord ,
even if you wanted to . I will root them all out and make sure that
they do not follow you anymore . I will elevate you to enjoy Me and
all that is Mine and make you equal to Me in enjoying these bhOgAs .
If you enjoy Me in this way , I will bless you with the boons of
eternal kaimkaryam to Me at all times and places without interruption .
Please do not grieve anymore over any thing

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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