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krishna how you entered into my mind -1

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Mon Oct 23 2000 - 03:44:51 PDT

Dear Sri vaishnava perunthagaiyeer,

I was wondering all these days, how, oh! Krishna! My lord! You have entered
my mind [or heart- uLLam] and made me your slave-  "Eppadiththaan en uLLam
pugunthu ennai adimai koNdeerO, Swami?

My mind was jumping to heights in that ecstasy, a new kind, which can not be
described by words and can only be "felt" when you are inside. 

I wanted to tell all my fellow bhakthaas, how you did it, because it was
just a joy, even to simply tell how you entered. I also desired to tell all
of them, wanted to tell all of them, so that perhaps they can also follow
suit to catch you, take you, grab you, ok krishna and lock you up in that
fort called manach chiRai - "VeLiyil solla manam thuLLuthE- Solla vENum
vENum enRa aasai koLLuthE". 

This thought of making that announcement was rolling in the mind for quite
some time. Now the time has come to make it public, that dramatic
announcement of your entering my mind and making me your slave. 

Oh swamy! Ok- it is not simply "pugunthu adimai koNdeer"- but you are not
keeping quiet there - uLLam pugunthu ennai naiviththu naaLum uyirppu eithu
kooththaattuk kaaNum - nachchiyaar thirumozhi NT- 5-2- after entering into
me, why don't you keep quiet and be a simple witness to what I do, sitting
there in my mind- but you are doing lot of things- make me sick daily
-naiviththu- diseased- then revive by giving that rejuvenation daily- naaLum
uyirppu eithu- make me dance to your tune from inside- kooththaattuk kaaNum-
You have that marvellous capacity to do all this.

But, first of all I must elaborate how you entered into me. 
I am having the following doubts- 
A.	whether it is through the ears?
B.	Whether it is through the eyes?
C.	simply you came and occupied my mind?
D.	Or how is that you entered?

Because every body in this world know that there are two easy ways to enter
into the mind [or heart]- through the ears and eyes- by listening to sounds
and by seeing the physical form.

Oh bhaktaas! Now Let us analyse- how he might have entered- for that first
through the "ears"- by means of sound- though the medium of air. 

Enter in the form of sound- Osai. Modified by you as sweet sound- isai-
music, and then grab the entire mind -occupy it fully- drive out all other
thoughts from that mind- make the thoughts dwell only on you,  oh krishna!
Be one with you. That is what happening when we hear your music- flute

KaaRRinilE varum geetham
KaNgaL paniththidap pongum geetham
Kallum kaniyum geetham - [meera- kalki krishnamurthy]

The music- song - isai- is coming in the  air, received by the ears. But why
eyes must shed tears- receptacle one- reaction from another? Follows what
logic? No answer from me- oh krishna! is it your magic?

Kaathu aarak kuzhal oothi- says ooththukkaadu mahaan in his neethaan
mechchik koLLa vEnum sri ranjani raaga krithi- the ears are satisfied fully
with your flute music- OVS mahaan knows you better to say this.

"SeviyuL naavin suvai koNdu magizhnthu" 3-6-7 periyaazhvaar- when your music
flows, ears have the capacity and enjoy that taste like the tongue, oh
krishna! Is it food to eat through the ears? music becoming food- for the
ears? Yes - with kaNNan giving that music food- yes.

[we enjoyed a full and long series on his flute music in Idu or arputham
kELeer by MGV earlier].

So possibly this is the route by which you entered my mind.

Now let us analyse another route: Through the eyes- possibly yes. when an
object is seen, an impact in the mind is immediately created- mind starts
reflecting on it- then enjoys it, repeats that enjoyment by recollecting
that picture thought as often as possible- appears in full glory as in the
first instance- like rewinding and seeing it again- or repeat telecasting by
these modern day gadgets- eyes- the camera to catch you as pictures- krishna
the picturesque - krishna - you entered through the eyes? - possible.

You are coming there- oh krishna - now show up your face - muRRaththoodu
pugunthu nin mugam kaatti punmuruval seithu siRRilOdu engaL sinthaiyum
sithaikka- NT  2-9- you enter the courtyard- show up your face with that
broad smile- immediately you destroy our mind along with that small play
house built by young ones like me - says aaNdaL- your simple showing up your
face, with that catchy smile, destroys my mind- so it should be this route
of eye- seeing you.  

See the word- sithaikka- completely destroyed- no chance to reconstruct? -
not possible to do even if you try to do that- gone with that krishna once
he enters.

GOvindhan varugira koottam  kaNdu mangaimaar saaLaga vaasal paRRi
nuzhaivanar niRpanaraagi engum uLLam vittu ooN maRanthu ozhinthanarE- 3-4-1
periyaazhvaar- The eyes of those girls, who just entered and occupied the
entrances of doors and windows in the houses, to see gOvindhan coming- they
see him- immediately the mind- uLLam gone- the self identity is lost with
that gOvindhan- his coming is just simply a feast for eyes- the very sight
of him for the eyes is enough to loose the entire heart, thought of food etc

Again and again think of kaNNan and enjoy the words- uLLam vittu ooN
maRanthu ozhinthanarE - by dwelling on it- Marvellous!

Ennai maiyal ERRi mayakka un mugam maaya manthiram thaan kolO?- 2-4 NT -
aaNdaaL- "your smile, your face, oh krishna! does it have any magical powers
to induce that love - maiyal- mesmerise - hypnotise me  by a simple look- oh
krishna! yes, now I have reason to believe you enter through the eyes.

Let us analyse other points in next post 

Vasudevan M.G.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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