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Re: Swami Manavala Mamuni Vaazhithirunam.

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Oct 21 2000 - 15:05:46 PDT

At 09:42 PM 10/21/00 +0530, you wrote:
>srimathe rAmAnujAya namaha:>
>Dear Bhaktas,
>adiyEn would like to obtain Upadesha Ratnimalai,Swami Manavala Mamunigal
>Vaazhithirunam, and Yathiraja Vimsathi typed in ENGLISH in the text
>format.Please let adiyEn know where he can find them.
>Thanks and Regards,>
>adiyEn mAlOla narasimha dAsan,>
>mAlOlan cadAmbi.

Dear Sri MalOlan Cadambi:

Last year Sri Haresh Balasubramanyan of Singapore
and myself created a special home page for 
Sri MaNavALa MaamunigaL's Thirunakshathram ( Iypaasi 
Moolam )that was being celebrated in San Fransisco, CA .
This year , this great Sri VaishNavite AchAryan's 
Thirunakshathram is going to be celebrated with
pomp and circumstance at the Aurora, Illinois
Temple . We will be adding additional items
for the above home pages soon . 

The URL for this home page Sri MaamunigaL is :

The contents cover the items in which you have expressed
interest and goes beyond .I have copied number of other
Sri Vaishnavite groups , who would be intersted to learn
more about the Vaibhavam of Sri MaNavALa MaamunigaL 
and his Sri Sookthis in Tamil and sanskrit. 

The individual items assembled in this home page are:

1.SamarpaNam to Sri VaanamAmalai HH Kaliyan Jeeyar

2.Srimukham from HH VaanamAmali Kaliyan Jeeyar

3. Introduction I : Sri MaamunigaL's services
   to Sri VaishNavam by Thirumalai AnathANpiLLai
   U.Ve. Sri T.A.Srinivasan Swamy of Kaanchi 

4. Introduction II : Life and works of Sri
   MaNavALa MaamunigaL  by Oppiliappan Sannidhi 

5. Taniyan: Sri SailEsa DayApAthram by U.Ve.
   VeLukkudi Sri KrishNan Swamy 

6. Works of Sri MaNavALa MaamunigaL :

6.1: UpadEsa Ratna Maalai (Introduction 
     and Overvirew): Oppiliappan Sannidhi

Bhakthi List archives contain the coverage of
UpadEsa Ratna Maalai PaasurangaLs from 1-59.
AdiyEn had posted them over a period starting 
from October 16,99 to Novemebr 13, 99 . The 56th
paasuram got left out by accident . 

Sri Kanchi Sri T.A. Srinivasan Swamy has graciously 
accepted to complete the Paasurams 56-74 of UpadEsa
Rathna Maalai for this year's festivities.

6.2: Sri DevarAja Mangalam (Sanskrit) : Translation
     and commentary by Oppiliappan Sannidhi V.SatakOpan

6.3: Sri YathirAja Vimsathi (Sanskrit):Translation
     and Commentary by Oppiliappan Sannidhi V.SatakOpan

6.4: ThiruvAimozhi NooRandhAthi (Tamil): Translation
     and Commentary (upto passuram 3) by Oppiliappan
     Sannidhi V.SatakOpan ; additional paasurams of
     this important work will be covered during the next
     few months. Bhakthi archives (Oct16-22, 1999) house
     the postings on the first 3 paasurams and Introduction .

6.5: Aarthi Prabhandham (Tamil): Translation and Commentary
     by Kanchi Sri T.A. Srinivasan Swamy . This moving work
     where Sri MaNavALa Maamunigal expresses his thoughts
     as an Aarthi Prapannan is a very important one to study.

One of the most distinguished Sishyar of Sri MaamunigaL
is PrathivAdhi Bhayankaram ANNA . His four Sanskrit 
samarpaNams at the sacred feet of ThiruvenkatamudayAn 
at the behest of his AchAryan are:

A. Sri VenkatEsa SuprabhAtham

B. Sri VenkatEsa Sthothram

C. Sri VenkatEsa  Prapatthi

D. Sri VenkatEsa  MangaLam 

These four Sri Sookthis used every day at
the Temple of Lord VenkatEsA of Thirumalai
have been covered separately in a special
home page created by adiyEn and Sri Haresh
Balasubramanyan in cooperation with TT DevasthAnam.
The URL for this home page containing Sri P.B . AnnA's
Four Sri Sookthis is:

Hope these points of information are 
of help to you and other BhakthAs , who
wish to study more about the Vaibhavam of
one of the greatest Sri VaishNavite AchAryan ,
Sri MaNavALa MaamunigaL .

Daasan , Oppiliappan sannidhi V.SatakOpan  


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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