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Re: Japam Vidhi Clarification

From: Chandrasekaran Venkatraman (
Date: Fri Oct 20 2000 - 10:34:27 PDT

Dear members,
   In this regard I came across the following slokam from a book
of sandhyAvandhanam. This slokam is mentioned in the preface of
this tamizh book. The slokam is as follows:

   anAmikA madhyadhESAth adhO vAmakramENa cha |
   tharjanI mUla paryantham japasyaivam krama: karE ||
                      - dEvI bhAgawatham

   This slOkam means "one should start counting from the middle
rEkai of one's ring finger and go clockwise counting each rEkai
and end at the bottom rEkai of the index finger thus completing 
10 japa".

   Warm regards,

> Sri Rajeev Karamchedu wrote:
> Does the starting point on the right hand for the counting
> has any significance at all?
> During my conversations with other non-srivaishnava friends,
> I came to know that they start the counting from the middle
> of the ring finger (the second notch) and move clockwise.
> It was also indicated to me that the counting takes a shape of 
> I would appreciate your notes on this. Thank You
> Rajeev

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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