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Re:Question on CharamaSlokam

From: suresh srinivasamurthy (
Date: Fri Oct 20 2000 - 06:44:09 PDT

Dear Suresh,

Thanks a lot for your reply.I completely aggree with you
that only complete surrender without any expectation is
what we have to do.Tasya vasheekaranam thachcharanaagatireva'.
No doubt about it.
But still my question is that..this charamaslokam which
is in the form of our Lord's can 'we' use
it as a japa mantra? It is actually a very authoritative
statement which can come only from the Lord to us.
When we repeat it in the form of a japa it becomes
as if we are making that statement.
So as a humble devotee I feel very uncomfortable whenever
I do charamasloka mantra japam.
Please enlighten me.

Sri KrishnArpaNam

>From: bindinganavale suresh <>
>CC: bhakti bhakti <>
>Subject: Re:Question on CharamaSlokam
>Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2000 00:45:47 -0700 (PDT)
>  The charma slokha on the face value is surely an
>instruction by the Lord to us(who are troubled with
>fears of samsara and the worry about our capacity to
>over come the same)to surrender to him and act
>according to his will,the consequence of which is
>freedom from our sins i.e attainment of Moksha.He also
>advices us to give up our worries in the thought that
>we are under his protection.
>The following are to be understood in the slokha,
>1.The Lord Sri.Krishna or Sriman Narayana is the only
>person who can end our worries about samsara and grant
>us Moksha.
>2. To give up our rebillious attitude(can also be
>taken as an unhealthy ego) with respect to the
>supremecy of Lord,that it is in our capacity to
>achieve whatever we want including moksha.
>3. An Act of whole hearted surrender to the Lord based
>on above understanding.
>4. The Lord is not only the most powerful person to
>the extent of granting moksha from samsara to another
>person,but also a person who truely loves us and cares
>about our welfare.This can be understood from the
>"Ma suchaha i.e don't worry".
>With the above understanding,charma shloka is
>understood not only to be an instruction by the Lord
>but truths or facts to be accepted and followed by us
>in the same spirit with which other manthras like
>ashtakshari,dwaya etc are recited and followed.
>Hope this satisfies your query,More questions or Info.
>about the same is welcomed.
>Sri Krishnaarpanamasthu
>Suresh B.N.
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