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Question on CharamaSlokam
Date: Wed Oct 18 2000 - 14:09:02 PDT

SriMan Narayana,

Any Mantra would either have prarthana or just a Namasmarana.
For eg. The Moola Mantra has a meaning that Nothing is mine 
Evertything belongs to Lord Narayana. The Dwayam also has similar 
prarthana.Gayatri mantram also has prarthana.
But as far as Charama sloka is concerned it is actually spoken by the 
Lord Himself and it is in the form of Lord's instruction/Aagya.So how 
can a devotee chant this as a mantra?
I request respected members to clear this doubt of mine.

Sri Hari

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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