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"Two prabandham works on maNavALa-mA-munikaL"
Date: Wed Oct 18 2000 - 19:09:29 PDT

(1)  The 'mA-munikaL nURRantAdi' is the work of Sri anantAzhvAn alias 
muttu-svAmi aiyangAr (this, relying on my memory) of the divya-dESam 
ten-tiru-p-pErai reckoned among the AzhvAr-tiru-nagari nava-tiruppati.

The work is identified as of the early 1800's.    The author-devotee is, very 
obviously (!), different from Sri anantAzhvAn / anantAN-piLLai deputed by 
uDaiyavar for permanent residence in tiru-vEnkaTam tiru-malai for organising 
the tiru-ArAdhanam of the Lord.

The work is authentic since (i) the author and his time are identified,(ii) 
no attempts have been made to attribute it to a better-known personality, 
(iii) its internal references are as corroborated by other 
accepted works, and (iv) no false claims have been made for a 'canonical' 
status for it. 

This 'nURRantAdi' is at once a work of moving devotion and scholarship and 
conforms to the structure, and is animated by the spirit, of the 'irAmAnuSa 
(2) The 'mA-munikaL kaNNi-nuN-Siru-t-tAmbu' is the work of the 'kUTa-stha' 
kOyil kandADai aNNan, Sri Varada-narayana-guru, who was among the eight 
principal disciples ('ashTa-dik-gajam') of mA-munikaL.

The title 'kOyil aNNan' was conferred by mA-munikaL, 
and it is the AchArya from this tiru-mALikai who, in the daily worship and 
festival occasions of nam-perumAL, 
is addressed by the title 'vAdhUla-dESikar', being descended from svAmi 
mudali-ANDAn who, in his time,was formally appointed by uDaiyavar as the 
administrator ('Sri-kArya-durandhara') of the Great Temple of Srirangam.  

aNNan's works are mostly in Sanskrit language, and the
'kaNNi-nuN-Siru-t-tAmbu' stands out not only being in Tamil but for its 
spirit of devotion towards mA-munikaL.

aDiyEn rAmAnuja-dAsan,
tirumanjanam Sundara Rajan.
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2000 20:11:42 -0000  
From: <>
 Subject: Couple of rare works?
 On my recent rtip to India, I came across couple of rare works which I have 
not known before. They are
 1. Sri Manavaala Maamuni NooRRanthaathi by Sri Ananthaazhvaan
 2. Sri Manavaala Maanuni Kanninum Ciruththaambu by Sri Kovil Kanthaadai 
 Can some one confirm their authenticity and period they maight have composed 
these works.  Adiyen  Venkatesh Elayavalli

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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