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Sri GuNa rathna KOsam : Part V--> Slokam I (Continued)

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Oct 18 2000 - 13:11:48 PDT

SrimathE RaamAnujAya nama:

Sri ParAsara Bhattar's First slOkam of 
Sri GuNa Rathna kOsam is as follows:

SRIYAI: Samastha-chidhachith vidhAna vyasanam HarE:
angIkAribhi: aalOkai: saarTyanthyai: KRUTHONJALI:

In the previous posting , we explored the significance
of the anjali performed by Bhattar (KruthOnjali:) to
Sri RanganAyaki ThAyAr at the start of his SthOthram . 

We will now move on to the other key words and word groups 
chosen by Bhattar to eulogize Sri RanganAyaki beyond  

Sri ParAsara Bhattar visualizes Our Lord , Hari-RanganAthan 
engaged in the creation of all sentients and insentients 
(samastha Chidhachith Srushti)in this first slOkam .
He visualizes further Our ThAyAr at the side of the Lord
as a witness to this scene (aalOkai:).

Dr.V.N.VedAntha Desikan's Commentary:
Although , the creation of this Universe is a play 
for the Lord , It is still an effort for the Lord 
according to Bhattar and he suggests that the Lord 
is some what distressed over the enormous effort of 
creating the sentients and the insentients .Bhattar refers to 
the Sramam (AayAsam )experienced by the Lord during
the leelai of Jagath-Srushti.

Sri RanganAyaki is witnessing this srushti of
the chEthanams and achEthanams by Her Lord
and approves His splendid creations with 
an encouraging nod . Lord sees the anghikAram 
(approval) of His dEvi and feels fulfilled .
He considers now that all His efforts were 
worth the while ;He feels relieved from 
the reading of the signal from His PirAtti.

What signal did Sri RanganAyaki give
to her Lord? She did not say anything 
through words. She just moved Her brows
and eyes as a sign of Her AamOdhanam 
and angIkAram ( encouraging approval ).
As an Empress of the World and MahA RaaNi
including Sri Ranga RaajadhAni , She will
only display Her sign of approval of the Lord's
efforts with the modest and beautiful movement of 
Her brows without aayAsam ( stress ).

Sri RanganAthan is immensely pleased with 
this feedback from Sri RanganAyaki and
feels fulfilled about His accomplishments.
That made His day as it were! He considers 
His Srushti acts as saphalam(fruitful) and 
meaningful after reading that signal of approval 
from His dEvi.

KurEsar refers to this KatAksha-AnghIkAram in 
of Sri Devi his Sri Sthava SlOkam :

" YasyA: Veekshya mukham tadhangitha-
  parAdhInO vidhatth akhilam 
  krIDEyam kalu nAnyathAsya rasathA
  syAth IykarasyAth DayA "
  -- Secoind half of Sri Sthavam : First SlOkam 

(Meaning): Our Lord follows the hints given by
His dEvi's face to perform His Srushti, Sthithi ,
SamhAra Leelais as well as granting the PurushArthams 
according to their karmAs . If He did not heed
those cues and goes about His own way , He would
feel that He is deprived of the joys resulting
from His Leelais .When the Lord grants the sentients
their BhOgya , BhOgOpakaraNa , BhOga SthAna 
PathArthams , He follows the unspoken cues
( the movement of the brows ) of His Devi 
and enjoys His leelAs out of a sense of
Iykarasyam ( Enjoyment in Unison with His dEvi).

ParAsara Bhattar invokes the spirit of the above 
Sristhava SlOkam of His Father and performs his
anjali to Sri RanganAyaki so that his efforts
to create the sthuthi of Sri RanganAyaki
(Sri GuNa Rathna Kosam ) will be meaningful
(saarTam =saha+artham ).

Additional Comments by VS:
ParAsara Bhattar takes poetic liberty and 
suggests that the Lord experiences some 
distress (Vyasanam ) during His efforts 
to create the sentients and the insentients 
( Chidhachith VidhAnam ).This is for RasOkthi
( statement for our enjoyment).
ParAsara Bhattar as Parama VedAnthin is
fully aware of the Brahma Soothram :
JanmAdhyasya yatha:( All Those which
are seen in this Universe are Creations from 
Him , the Supreme Brahman). These are all
VishNu VibhUthis created by the Lord like
an effortless play (KrreeDA HarEritham
Saravam: Saanthi parvam of MahA BhAratham).
His leelais (chEshtithams) are compared to
that of the child's play by VishNu PurANam:
"kreeDathO BaalakasyEva chEshtaam Tasya-".

ParAsara Bhattar says in this slOkam 
that the Lord welcomes , nay waits for 
the angIkAram from His dEvi regarding His Jagath
Srushti leelais , since He is LakshmI-SahAyan
and feels fulfilled through Her sign of approval.
His fatigue (vyasanam ) disappears at
the sight of Her approving brow movement 
(HarE: VidhAna-Vyasanam  , Sriyai: angIkAribhi: 
aalOkai:Saartham ).His heart is filled with joy
over His srushti accomplishments that have met
with the approval of His dEvi.

We will move on to the second slOkam
in the next posting.

Srimath Azhagiya Singar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan 




           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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