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Thirukkudanthai Desikan and Nigamantha Desikan Thirunakshatram celebrations at B

From: Murali Thirumalai (
Date: Mon Oct 16 2000 - 17:35:08 PDT

Thirukkudanthai Desikan and Nigamantha Desikan Thirunakshatram 
celebrations at Boston 

Sri Ramanuja Mission Inc and Sri Vedanta Desika Sabha joined together 
in the Thirunakshatram celebration of two of our esteemed  Acharyas, 
Thirukkudanthai Desikan and Sarvathanthra Swathathtra Swamy Sri 
Desikan on Sunday the 8th of October 2000.  The celebration was done 
in Boston and about 100 Sri Vaishnavas attended the great event. 

The celebration was initiated in New Jersey on Friday the 6th of 
October, when the vigraha pranaprathistapanam and other rituals were 
conducted for Sri Ramanujacharya vigraham at Poondi 
Vijayaraghavan's home.  This was done as per the tradition and as 
instructed by HH Srimad Andavan of Periashramam.  These events were 
performed by Sri Sampath Bhatter from Bridgewater temple. 

We were about forty bhagavathas from New Jersey and Washington area, 
ready to participate in this celebration.  The  bhagavatha team left 
for Boston in two big vans and two cars by noon Saturday.   We were 
received at Sri Mahalakshmi temple by Boston bhagavathas.  All of us 
had a splendid darshan of The Divya Dampathis.  Purattasi 
pavithrotsavam was being performed at the temple and we had the perum 
bhagyam of participating in the Thiru Veedhi Ula uthsavam of The 
Divya Dampathis. It was a scintillating sight to watch this event, as 
our Sri Vasishnavas at Boston had organized it so meticulously that 
we felt were in one of  our Divya Desa uthsavam at India.  Perumal 
was adorned with Poolangi and Thaayaar was as usual gracious. 

The goshti left for Kannbiran's house from the temple.  Boston 
devotees had prepared a sumptuous dinner for the ghosti.  Soon after 
the dinner, all of us participated in Hari Nama samkirthanam.  Sri 
Naryanan of NJ, Sri Sundar Kidambi and Sri Muralidhar Rangaswamy  
sang a few compositions on Purushothaman. 

The Thirunakshatram celebrations began at 8 AM on 8th October at a 
local school in Boston. The Perumal Thiru Aradhanam, Udayavar 
Aradhanam and Acharya Padhuka Araadhanam were performed between 8 AM 
and 11 AM.  The celebration had about 100 bhagavathas participating.  
Vedha parayanam comprised of reciting Pancha Sooktham and 
Sikshavalli.  Divya prabhandam parayanam comprised of reciting 
podhu thanians, Thiruppallandu, Thiruppaliyezichi, Thiruppavai, 
Neeraattam, Kaappidal, Kovil Thiruvai Mozhi, Periazwaar's
Iramaanuja Nootrandhadhi, Adaikkalappathu and Prabhanda 
saaram.  Sri Muralidhar Rangaswamy and Ashok Leyland Sri P. 
Srinivasacharya wonderfully rendered Sri Komala Dhandakam.  After 
these paraayanam, Sambhavanai krama was performed as per Ashramam 
practices, inclusive of thirukkudainthai Desikan, followed by Vaazhi 
Thirunaamam and Desika Mangalam. Acharya thanians of all our 
associated mutts of Sri Vaishnava vadakalai sampradyams 
were recited.  Perumal theertham and SriPaduka theerthams were 
offered to all the devotees. 

Three short speeches followed. Sri Nadadur Madhavan Swamin spoke 
beautifully on Swami Tirukudandai Desikan and crisply highlighted the 
role of Acharyas in uniting a jivatma with paramAtma, with excellent 
pramANams from Vedam and Acharya Sri Sookthis. Sri Kannabiran Swamin 
gave a wonderful talk on Sri Adivan Satakopa Yathindra Mahadesikan 
and focussed on the kaimkaryam of the founding father of Sri Ahobila 
Matham in constructing the steps to the Tirumala hills. Sri 
Muralidhar Rangaswamy in his speech on Swami Desikan briefly 
summarized a couple of shlokams from the Daya Shatakam and Padhuka 

The entire ghosti left for the temple next to participate in the 
pavithrotsavam. The ghosti recited pancha sooktham,   Thiruppallandu, 
Neeraattam, Mummanikkovai and  Adhikara sangraham. Our Balaji's 
bhatter  gave an eloquent mini discourse on great Srivashnavas and 
Paadhuka mahimai. 

Back to the school, we all had the  thathiyaaradhanam prepared by 
Boston SriVasihnavas.  At Boston, the entire event was organized by 
Sri Kannabiran, Sri Sumanth Kaushik, Sri Sundar Kidambi, Sri 
Rajagopalan, Sri Muralidhar Rangaswamy, Sri Ravindran, Sri 
Jayakrishna, and Sri Ajai Thirumalai.  Sri Ramanuja Mission Inc and 
Sri Vedanta Desika Sabha thank the organizers and their families at 
Boston, for hosting the bhagavathaas and making eloborate 


Murali Thirumalai

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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