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ThridhaNdam for AchArya RaamAnujA's Moolavar at Sri PerumbhUthUr: An update and an appeal for supprot to compete this kaimkaryam .

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Oct 14 2000 - 07:14:38 PDT

SrimathE RaamAnujAya nama:

Dear Members of the AchArya RaamAnuja Kulam :

AchArya RaamAnujA is our AchArya SikhAMaNi .
The beauty of His ThrumEni has been praised by 
EmbAr , His direct disciple this way :

" paRpamenat-thihazhum paimkazhalunRan pallavamE viralum
  paavanamAhiya painthuvarAdai pathintha marumkazhahum

Here EmbAr known for his unique AchArya Bhakthi
visualizes in his mind the extraordinary beuty of
EmperumAnAr . He focuses on three aspects of beauty
in the first three lines of this eight line Paasuram:

1. The lotus soft hands and the tender fingers
   there resembling a tender creeper

2. the sacred ochre vasthram ( KaashAya vasthram )
   on His waist and its beauty

3. the shining sacred thread on His chest and
   the MukkOl ( ThridhaNDam ) held majestically
   on His right hand.

The thridhaNdam in EmperumAnAr's sacred hand 
displaying Jn~Ana (UpadEsa )MudhrA has been 
recognized as the integration of many tatthvams :

1. The Thrayyantham (the three vedAs: Rg , Yajus ,
   Saama Vedams)

2. SamhithAkaara-PraNavam : ananyArha Seshathvam , 
   ananya SaraNathvam and ananya BhOgyathvam 
   symbolizing the way of a ParamaikAnthi .

3. His Three kaimkaryams to fulfill the pledges
   made to AchArya Alavandhar to release His three
   fingers from their folded position at the time of
   His departure from this earth to proceed to 
   Sri Vaikuntam.

4. The symbol of absolute control over the three karaNams
   ( ManO-Vaak-Kaayam, Karana Thrayam )as the Emperor of 

5. The combination of the present , the past 
   and future (Kaala Thrayam ) and the glory of
   Sri VisishtAdvaitha Darsanam for all times . 

6. Other Esoteric Meanings covered in Yathi Dharma
   samucchayam contained in His sishyan's 
  (YaadhavaPrakAsar)grantham , who was once 
   EmperumAnAr's teacher at Kaanchi. 

We must remember that EmperumAnAr entered into
SanyAsAsramam by accepting the KasashAyam and 
ThridhaNdam at Lord VaradarAjan's sannidhi 
and with the niyamanam of the Lord of Hasthigiri.

Swamy Desikan is ecstatic , when he meditates on
the ThirumEni of YathirAjar with the shining sacred 
thread , Urdhva PuNDram and the THRIDHANDAM in
His hand , which he salutes as the INTEGRATION of
the PuNyams accumulated by all the three worlds :

upavEthanam Urdhva PuNDravantham
  thrijagath puNya phalam THRIDHANDA HASTHAM
SaraNAgatha sArTa vaaham IDE 
  sikhayA sEkhariNam PATHIM YATHEENAAM 
--YathirAja Sapthathi : SlOkam 11

Lord RanganAthan , who received EmperumAnAr 
as a gift from Lord VaradarAjan recognizes this
ThridhaNDam and is at the behest of EmperumAnAr
to save us all from this SamsAram & its Bheethis

Vasya: sadhA Bhavathi YathirAja TasmAth
Saktha: svakeeya janapaapa VimOchanE Thvam 
--Yathi Raaja Vimsathi : Slokam 17 

Lord RanganAthan is always under the vasIkaraNam 
( influence or even control) of EmperumAnAr 
and ready to fulfill the wishes of EmperumAmAnAr
to destroy the accumulated sins and puNyams of 
the sishyAs of EmperumAnAr and vouch them their
places in Sri VaikuNTam .


With your help , adiyEn would like to complete
the Once-in-a-life time Kaimkaryam by us all
to have the samarpaNam of the ThridhaNDam to
the ThiruppAvai Jeeyar during the Marghazhi month
when Srimath Azhagiya Singar returns from his
trip to the Northern dhivya desams .

We will make sure that all the followers of
Bhagavath RaamAnuja SiddhAntham are invited
to particpate in this planned function .
EmbAr Jeeyar and the other resident Jeeyar 
of Sri perumbhUthUr will take an active role
in planning this samarpaNam by Srimath Azhagiya Singar.
Earlier Srimath Azhagiya Singar has presented
a Pathakkam containing the reclining RanganAthar.
That pathakkam adorns the broad chest of
the Thaam Uhantha thirumEni of EmperumAnAr
at Sri perumbhUthUr. 

We have 7K Rupees left over .It is the estimate of
the Gold Smith that we will need another 44K Rupees
($1,000) to complete the remaining work of Gold meshing 
( rEk work) to keep the ThridhaNDam stay luminous
and durable for many decades to come and meet 
the rigors of (daily ?)Thirumanjanam .

May adiyEN invite all the RaamAnuja BhakthAs
to join in this kaimkaryam and pledge the amounts
that they wish to send.AdiyEn will look for Tax deductible
way to cover this samarpaNam . At this time , adiyEn
wishes to learn about your pledges to take this Kaimkaryam
to the final stage prior to Samarpanam .

PraNAmam LakshmaNa Muni: PrathigruhNAthu Maamakam
PrasAdhayathi Yath Sookthi: SvaadhInapathikAm Sruthim

AchArya RaamAnujAya NamO Nama:
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan




           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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