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The significance of Sudarshana
Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 08:57:18 PDT

Srimad AnanthaNarasimhacharya swamine namah
Srimad Abhinava Vageeshabrahmatantra parakala swamine namaha
Srimad Sudarshana parabrahmane namah.

Dear Bhagavatas,

Adiyen was fortunate to have the grace of Acharya/Guru and practicing 
sudarshana japam for past few years.
A few weeks ago after the usual anushtanams and japam,adiyen had some 
kind of realisation.It may not be a new concept but still adiyen 
would like to share this with the bhagavatas and look forward to 
their guidance.

Preparing the ground:

As per my Guru's upadesham, Lord Sudarshana, the Supreme Absolute 
Reality is situated in the centre of a chakra which is shining with 
flames 'Jwalaapareetam' illuminating All the sides/directions and 
this chakra has number of spokes in it.

1.The sacred Pranava has three letters.A,U and M. Here in the chakra 
Lord Sudarshana in the centre represents the letter A.
His consort Sri Lakshmi represents the Ara or Spokes and the 
circumference represents the letter M comprising of countless 
Jivatmas.It is countless because there can be infinite points on any 
circumference of a circle.There can be only one centre point and that 
is our Perumal.The only ONE.Yekamevadviteeyam.

2.If there is no Centre or Perumal this circle/universe cannot 
exist.But circle can exist even as a point in the centre.That means 
Perumal is eternal and not dependant on anything but we Jivatmas are 
totally depending on Him.

3.Every Jivatma thus has the central Paramatma as His support.So 
Though Paramtma is ONE still He appears as many as he is situated in 
each and everybody's heart.'Ajayamano bahuda vijayate'.Infact every 
point on the circumference can claim that he has a centre.

4.This Chakra is in constant revolution , Jivatmas undergoing births 
and deaths bound by space,time and causation.But Paramatma, in the 
centre will be always stationary implying that He is beyond 
space,time and causation.

5.The centrifugal force is Maya or Bhudevi who pulls the Jiva away 
from the centre, Paramatma, towards the periphery that is this 
material world.

6.So a Jeevatma should realise this and become Antarmukhi, that is 
turn his attention towards the centre, Paramatma who is situated in 
his own Hridaya kamala (heart).Then we will be supported by His 
Yogamaya or SriDevi in the form of the spokes or Ara.This Ara can 
also be taken as one's Acharya or Guru, the centripetal force.

7.There are different orbits around the central Perumal and depending 
on the Jiva's sadhana or spiritual wealth he will take a position 
revolving around the Paramatma.The innermost orbits are taken by 
Nitya sooris who cannot be disturbed by Maya and so will be 
constantly in communion with the Perumal.

8.Once the Jivatma is situated in the safe hands of the Acharya he 
will start travelling towards Paramatma to serve Him eternally.For 
such a spiritual soul the centrifugal force of Maya will not act at 
all and will be always blessed with Kainkarya shri.

Sri Hari Bhakta Pada renu

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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