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Periya Thirumozhi 11.1- "poon thuLavin vaasam vaNdu koNdu vandhu oodhumaagilE"

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Oct 12 2000 - 06:00:35 PDT


Srimathe Gopaladesika Mahadesikaya Namah:

Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

We are entering into the eleventh decad of Periya Thirumozhi! In 10.10, 
Parakala nAyaki had asked the birds to go as messengers and now with the 
breeze piercing through her body, she suffers from the pangs of love.

1. The Lord- who has lifted effortlessly the mountain as an umbrella, saving 
the cattle and cowherd folks from torrential downpour- Swami- One who had 
won in the battle against asurAs with His mighty Divine Bow- is now sought 
after by this gentle breeze too, that has come to my place and pierces 
thorough me, like the fire ball. What can I do?

2. The Lord- who is of dark black cloud colour; and is of the cool vast 
ocean; - I adore SarvEshwaran, whose thuLasi garland adorned Divine 
beautiful chest. Is that why I am suffering from this punishment of 
languishing from the cool breeze that comes from the droplets form those 
dark clouds, which aggravates my suffering further?

3. The cool rays of that bright moon torture my body, which is losing the 
wrist bangles and the fair complexion due to my suffering. What can I do? It 
appears as if the most fragrant thuLasi garland of SarvEshwaran (who is of 
the bright white form of wavy ocean) appears to be saying “Have you already 
started for coming here?”

4. When the aayarpaadi was engulfed with the darkness and the fear of 
Kamsan, there the cunning demon Poothanai entered as mother to feed her 
poisonous breast milk to KaNNan, who sucked her poisonous milk along with 
her life too. Are these cool moon rays roaring towards me aping great Kutti 

5. Is the ocean lamenting with noisy waves because the moon, born of the 
ocean, is left loitering in the sky, by SarvEshwaran, who effortlessly tore 
the strong body of HiraNyan, into two pieces, when He appeared as Lord 
Nrusimhan, for saving Prahalada?

6. The Lord of great valor, went to the enemy’s den of lankA, and destroyed 
the city with his Divine Bow. The shrill voice of this anRil bird (from that 
nest, made of lotus stems, flower petals, stems etc.) praising the valour of 
His is torturing me further terribly.

7. The arrow from that cupid, who has five arrows and the sugar cane bow, 
torments me as its only target. Is this the punishment for paying my 
obeisance to SarvEshwaran who shows Himself on GarudA; who is of the colour 
of blue hue?

8. My heart longs and searches for SarvEshwaran, and aids my prEmam (love) 
for Him. His most beautiful, most fragrant thuLasi garland on His Chest has 
also become an object of my mind. This cool breeze, also tortures me (along 
with that fragrance) and alas! I cannot last any more.

9. keNdaiyoN kaNum thuyilum enniRam/
paNdu paNdu pOl okkum* mikka seerth/
thoNdar itta poon thuLavin vaasamE/
vaNdu koNdu vandhu oodhumaagilE.

If the bees drink the fragrance of thuLasi leaves offered by Srivaishnavas 
(of auspicious attributes), and blow towards me, my large darting, fish like 
eyes, will automatically close and sleep peacefully. My fair tender-mango 
complexion will also be back.

10. When PANdavaas suffered, He went as messenger and about such 
(sowlabhyam) greatness of SarvEshwaran, this ten is composed. It is sung by 
Kaliyan, the chief of Thirumangai. Those who recite will not have any 
grievance /sorrows at all.

Thirumangai AzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Narayana Narayana
adiyEn Narayana dAsan Madhavakknnan
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