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a new ignorant dasa

From: vasuki hr (
Date: Thu Oct 12 2000 - 07:37:26 PDT

so many great people and my namaskaram to them, 

 put up in bangalore- working as a contract employee, 

  but here and there i have know some great things
about our alwar, acharya  and  the all preavading god,

is interested to know lot of things ,

must do:   at least with the busy time i am in once i
want to recite namalvar  "thiruvaymuoli" with acharyas
blessing ..(incidently my favourite alwar).

favourite temple: tirupati- try to vist him at least
once in a year .

request:  please intimate me any discourse on acharya,
alwars ,etc.... anywhere in bangalore so that we can
also enjoy the same. 

vasuki dasan. 

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