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Re: Questions on Panchakavyam

From: Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan (
Date: Thu Oct 12 2000 - 05:37:15 PDT

Dear Shri Govindarajan

Panchakavyam is made of five substances all from cow (1)Milk (2) Yogurt (3) 
Ghee (4) Cow-dung (5) Go-Moothram. The mantrAs are given in Gopala Desika 
Ahnikam (ApyAyasva...., DadikravinnO.. etc)

Panchakavyam is taken before any Special Vaidika karma and it is not 
difficult to obtain it here.  Hare Krishna missions maintain Go-ShAlAs and 
you can obtain the necessary ingredients from there.

I don't think we have to take snAnam after each consumption.  Kindly check 
with your achAryA.

The only substitute for Panchakavyam I can think of is:

"Apavitra: pavitrO vA, sarvAvasthAm gatOpivA
ya: smarEth pundarIkAksham, sa bhAyAbhyantara shuchi:"

The above mantra is also used in mantra snAnam.  Thinking of EmperumAn and 
installing Him in our heart will purify us. (PavitrAnam pavitram..)

Buffalo, NY

>Dear Bhagavathas:
>adiyEn understands that consuming Panchakavyam makes one's body pure, 
>the pApa and also makes one (yokyatha) eligible to do vaidhika karma. 
>one cannot do. adiyEn lives in the US for some years, and doesn't know 
>this is available here.
>During upAkarma, one has to have this three times with appropriate manthram 
>take snAnam after each consumption.
>Can anyone explain what is the alternative for not having Panchakavyam?
>vachaka doshaha kshantavyaha
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