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Re: parakalamutt incident

From: Srinath Chakravarty (
Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 12:12:32 PDT

Sri. Suresh:  It goes without saying that the incident described by
you is unacceptable.  But you must bear in mind (like Sri. Rajeev
Karamchedu pointed out) that the misguided actions of certain
kainkaryapArALs don't necessarily represent the official position
of the mutt or AchAryan - in this case I can confidently tell you
that the present jeeyar Srimad Abhinava vAgeesha parakalam
swami (with whom my parents have interacted very closely in
the recent past, and found jeer to be of a very gentle disposition)
would never condone such extreme behavior.

The second thing we should remember is that every kovil, divya
desam and madapaLLi has more than its share of overcrowding
to deal with (like the "jargundi, jargundi" in thirupati, and the
"vazhi, vazhi" that we hear in thiruvallikEni, for example where
people are literally pushed away) - at times of utsavams and
tadiyAradhanais tempers tend to reach ignition point (not to
mention the mostly hot weather).  Add to this the background
of the parichArakars, raised in poor brAhmin agrahArams and
subject to "reverse" caste discrimination by the Government, plus
the strict stipulations of madi etc. in the mutt - you have all the
ingredients for an explosive outburst.

The correct approach (or reproach, rather) would have been to
go to the mutt at a later time with your friend and enquired of the
authorities, even perhaps jeer, about this matter and sought a
resolution.  I'm only making a constructive suggestion which would
help your friend retain interest in srivaishnavism, and also the mutt
to possibly address any of its controversial practices.  You may
not meet with success necessarily, but you won't know until you try.
The biggest problem facing many orthodox hindu denominations
today is the lack of two-way communication which results in the
giving up of their faith by many young people.  I hope you will be
able to contact your friend and try to seek clarification from the
mutt itself regarding this incident - you may also want to explain
your disenchantment using the very same words (as below)!!

-Srinath C.

> Actually Parakala matam has a lot of Non-brahmin followers and during
> special occassions one can see so many of them comming over filled
> with great bhakti.They usally make large donations but will be
> treated like animals by the pseudo brahmanas.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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