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Swamy Sesikan's ChillaRai RahasyangaL: Part II

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 07:09:23 PDT

SrimathE RaamAnujAya nama:

Sriamth Azhagiya Singar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam 

Dear BhakthAs :

As the celebrations at Chennai for the relase of 
our ThAyAr ANDAL's ThiruppAvai monograph by U.Ve.
PerukkAraNai ChakravarthyAcchAr Swamy is about to
commence at Swamy Desika Bhavanam , adiyEn can not 
but think of  a better moment to start the coverage of 
the first part of ChillaRai RahasyangaL ( Amrutha 
Ranjani RahasyangaL ) and seek Sri GodhA PiAtti's
KaruNA KatAksham to fall on all of us . 

AdiyEn seeks also the blessings of Swamy Desikan , 
asmath AchAryan HH Azhagiya Singar , MahA VidvAN 
Sri U.Ve. Sriraama DeasikAcchAr Swamy , the author of 
the invaluable treatises on Swamy Desikan's Sri Sookthis 
and HH PoundarIkapuram AaNDavan for bringing out 
tirelessly many of the momographs of Sri Raama 
DesikAcchAr Swamy into print and make them
available to all of us so far away from 
our AchAryAs . 

The purpose of adiyEn's kaimakryam is to
introduce all these rahasyangaLs to those
BhakthAs , who are thirsting to learn more 
about them for their own journeys to become
more familiar with our dhaivIka SampradhAyam.
It is with this spirit of Saathvika ThyAgam ,
adiyEn commences this series of postings 
and seek Lord HayagrIvan's anugraham to
complete this major effort .

The list of Amrutha Ranjani Rahasyangals

They are 17 in number . One of them , "Saara Dheepam "
is no longer available to us .

These 17 Rahasyangals are:

(1) Sri SampradhAya Parisuddhi (2)Tatthva PadhavI
(3) Rahasya PadhavI (4) Tatthva Navaneetham 
(5) Rahasya Navaneetham (6) Tatthva Maathrukai
(7) Rahasya Maathrukai (8) Tatthva SandhEsam 
(9) Rahasya SandhEsam (10)Rahasya sandhEsa VivaraNam
(11)Tatthva RathnAvaLi (12)Tattva RathnAvaLi-
    Prathipaadhya Sangraham (13)Rahasya rathnAvaLi
(14)Rahasya RathnAvaLi Hrudhayam (15) Tatthva -
    Thraya SuLakam (16) Rahasya Thraya SuLakam and
(17)Saara Dheepam .

Out of his great affection for his SishyAs 
and future generations , Swamy Desikan blessed
us with Amrurha Ranjani rahasyangaL and others .
Amrutha Ranjani means that which delights our 
hearts like the taste of Amrutham (nectar).

In these and the following rahasyangaL , Swamy
Desikan takes us by hand , step by step all 
the way to the top of Hasthigiri to be blessed
by the "pithru paithAmaham Dhanam " , Sri MahA
Devi SamEtha PeruruLALan . These Sri Kosams are
to be revered and learnt through the KaalakshEpam
format under a SadAchAryan's sacred feet for
the growth of aanmIka Tatthva Jn~Anam to serve
the AchAryan , ParamikAnthis and BhagavAn .

The postings will be developed along the following
three steps:

(1) A brief summary of the subject matter 
    of the 16 RahasyangaLs

(2) The meanings of the first and the last 
    slOkam(s) in Tamil and/or in Sanskrit.
    The genius of Swamy Desikan captures the
    essence of these Sri Sookthis through
    these introductory and Concluding slOkams.

(3) Elaboration on the individual rahasyangals .
    For instance , the first Rahasyam , SampradhAya
    Parisuddhi has seventy sub-themes in Sri SrirAma
    SesikAcchAr's analysis .

It will take us quite some time to finish the first
set of 16 rahasyangaLs. We will move then on with
Bhagaavth sankalpam and anugraham to the remaining 
rahasyangaLs and adopt the same format.

Swamy Desikan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan  

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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