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Caste in Vaishnavism

From: badri narayanan (
Date: Tue Oct 10 2000 - 22:12:54 PDT

Dear friends

Krishna cleary states in Gita that the four orders of the society (brahmin,kstriya,vaisya and
sudra)were created by me,so i think we have to strictly adhere to varnashrama dharma as the caste system
was laid by him

I personally feel that marrying somebody outside one's varna is a sin because we are breakin the
order created by him.Elders correct me if iam wrong in my thinking.

Regarding castes in vaishnavism there is popular belief that ramanuja
converted people belonging to different varna into Brahmins.Is is true?
Did he convert people of different varnas into brahmins or vaishnavas.

Regarding the usage of term Vaishnava ,anybody regardless
of varna who leads a moral life ,with clean habits and one who has undergone samashraynam
and is devotee of Naryana can be called a Vaishnava.Am i right?


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