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Introducing "SriRangaSri" to Bhakti list members

From: Ram Anbil (
Date: Tue Oct 10 2000 - 03:39:28 PDT

Sri Ranga Sris Cha VardhathAm/
Sri Ranga Sris Cha VardhathAM//

Dear Bhagavatas:

I returned on 3rd October 2000, after a hectic trip to India  where I 
visited several Divyadesamas, met with almost all Yathivaras, AchAryas and 
scholars, discussed with Editors of Religious publications like 
Nrisimhapriya, Hayagriva Priya, Sri Ranganatha Paduka, Kanchi Perarulalan, 
Sri Desika Seva etc, and several others.

As most of you know, before coming to U.S.A., it was my good fortune to have 
undergone intensive and extensive Kalakshepam courses for over 15 years on 
Grantha ChathushTayams at the feet of Yathivaras and AchAryas like –
 Prakritam H.H. 45th PaTTam Azhagiyasinghar (in his PurvAsramam),
 Prakritam H.H. ParavAkkoTTai Gopala Desika Maha Desikan Srimad 
Aandavan of PouNDarika puram Aasramam,
 AchArya SriBAshya Simhasanam Purisai NaDAdur Krishnama chariar 
SwAmi (Editor, Nrisimhapriya Journal of Ahobila Matam),
 AchArya Sri SrivatsAnkachariar SwAmi (Former Principal, Madras 
Sanskrit College and now in French Institute, Pondicherry) and
 many others.
As mandated by them through blessings and MantrAkshadais,
I came to U.S.A. for spreading our Siddhantam among those interested.

It is my pleasure to have serialized my book “ Hinduism Rediscovered” 
housing inter-alia, “Srimad Rahasya Traya SAram” of SwAmi Desika, through 
the Electronic Journal of “Swami Desika Darsana Satsangam”(SDDS) Volumes I 
and II, archived at by Sri Venkatesh Elayavalli.

I was overwhelmed by the support and encouragement of the readers, who 
honored me as President of SDDS in the first ever Srivaishnava Conference 
held at Buffalo, New York in December 1996.

The Yathivaras and AachAryas whom I met during the current trip to pay my 
obeisance advised me to continue what they termed as
“good work done by me as mandated by them”. They assured me that our 
Sampradayam is so vast and deep that any number of media (electronic, print 
etc) outputs would be required to propagate the doctrines, tenets and 
practices thereof.

Srimad Andavan of Poundarikapuram Asramam named the new journal as “SRI 
RANGA SRI” and advised the launching on the Tirunakshatram day of Swami 
VedAnta Desikan on 8th October 2000. And, this was approved unanimously by 
all the other Yathivaras and AachAryas.

Srimukhams containing Anugraha Bashanams for the new journal have been 
granted by the following Yathi Sreshtas and Acharyas:
 Prakritam H.H. Azhagiya Singhar
 Prakritam H.H. Poundarikapuram Andavan
 Prakritam H.H. Parakala Matam Jeeyar
 Prakritam H.H. Sri Rangapriya Yathi
 AchArya Purisai Krishnamachariar Swami (Editor, Nrisimhapriya)
 AchArya Seva Srinivasaraghavachariar Swami (Editor, Desika Seva)
 AchArya Srivatsankachariar Swami
 AchArya V.S.Karunakaran Swami
 AchArya M.K. Srinivasan Swami
 AchArya Anantha Narasimhachariar Swami

Full texts of Srimukhams (not reproduced here for want of space) but can be 
viewed at publicly archived URL

Accordingly, it is my duty and honor to inaugurate the new Electronic 
Journal as the official journal of SDDS on this auspicious occasion of 
Tirunakshatram day of Swami Desikan.

The new journal will feature quality articles from AchAryas and eminent 
scholars on the tenets of our Siddhantham. Besides general topics relating 
to our Sampradayam, special sections will be devoted to the “Grantha 
ChathushTayams” under the titles-
 “SriBAshayAmrutham”
 “GitAmrutham”
 “PrabandAmrutham” and
 “DesikAmrutham”
 A “QUESTION BOX” to which readers may address their doubts and 
queries is also proposed to be included, For those questions for which, we 
are not able to provide ready answers, we will secure and make available 
authoritative replies from AchAryas back home.
 A ”QUIZ PROGRAM” is also proposed to be started, By way of “Reader 
participation”, readers may be requested to provide answers for the queries 
posed by us. The best or the correct answers will be published in a 
subsequent issue.
 Due to the need to educate younger generations (and indeed some 
parents too!) on our SatSampradAyam, it is proposed to provide a separate 
section entitled-
with graded lessons explaining the basics of our tradition.

We are glad to inform that we have been favored by Yathivaras and AchAryas 
not only with their Srimukhams but also with numerous articles of quality 
exclusively for SRI RANGA SRI, each running to several hundreds of pages.  
Even if we can publish on a daily basis, it is likely to sustain us for at 
least an year or two - considering
 the space constraints that do not allow more than 8 pages at a time
 the lowkikam constraints of the Publishers and the readers alike 
that would not allow such daily postings  and
 the patience of the readers.

We have, therefore, to judiciously stagger the postings which will 
henceforth be featured at

We will make available in other egroups fraternity only the Editorials 
indicating BRIEFLY the Contents of Issues as and when released for general 

Detailed plans of releases on periodicity and presentation will be announced 

It is my pleasure to invite you on board to participate both as readers and 
contributors to “SRI RANGA SRI” and receive the grace of Divya Dhampathis, 
Yathisreshtas, AchArya Sarvabhoumas and other scholars who have blessed this 
effort as aforesaid wholeheartedly and unanimously and have pledged their 
support at all times.

We earnestly request you to enroll by sending a request to

Please include your Postal address, E.Mail Address, Phone and Fax numbers to 
facilitate a more intimate interaction and for building up a database of 
Subscribers to the Journal. Thanking you
Anbil Ramaswamy
Swami Desika Darsana Satsangam. (SDDS) and
Editor and Publisher “SRI RANGA SRI”

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