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Re: Caste difference in Sr Vaishnavas
Date: Tue Oct 10 2000 - 09:19:37 PDT

Respected Bhagavatas,

I also had a similar experience a few years ago in Mysore.
A classmate of mine who is not a brahmin by birth wanted to know
more about our Srivaishnavism and is really a great devotee.
I took him to our Parakala matam.Luckily at that time there
was some function going on.We were really very happy.We both
removed our shirts and tied a dhoti and were standing humbly
watching all the worships.My friend was really happy and made a 
really big cash offerring.When everything was over we came to know 
that food is being served there.So myself and my friend sat in
the corridor along with so many other people.After a long time
one person supposed to be full time in the matam came along 
distributing the 'Yelai' (Leaf) for food.When he came near us he saw 
my friend (without a yagnopaveetam) and asked him to go out and wait 
for a seperate serving.He told this in such a commanding voice as 
though we were all beggars eagerly waiting for food.(Please excuse my 
language but I cannot say but truth).My friend silently got up and 
went out and I too followed him.He was really great because he was
not at all disturbed by this treatment.But I was boiling with anger.
I took him to my house and we both had prasad there.
Right from my childhood I have seen things like this happening in 
Parakala matam.At the time of tadiyaradhanam the so called brahmins
by birth will be fighting among eachother to find a place to sit in 
the hall adjacent to madapalli.And outside in the corridor the 
fulltimers in the Mutt will be engaged in sending out the
Non-brahmins or they will be making them sit in seperate areas.
Actually Parakala matam has a lot of Non-brahmin followers and during 
special occassions one can see so many of them comming over filled 
with great bhakti.They usally make large donations but will be
treated like animals by the pseudo brahmanas.
Are We really Brahmanas?
I will write more about Real Brahmanya later.

In the service of SriHari


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> Respected Swamis:
> This is in reference to certain postings on October 7.
> Is there a caste difference among the devotees of Sriman Narayana 
> Sri Ramanuja's teachings?
> What is the difference between Sri Vaishnavas and Bhagavathas?
> Is there a need still after Sri Ramanuja to integrate all varnas 
> also) into one ghosti?
> Sometime ago I persuaded a friend of mine, who does not belong to 
> Brahmin community, but a devotee of Sriman Narayana to undergo the 
> Samashryanam cremony with a famous Mutt head. He was administered 
the rite 
> separately after all the Brahmins devotess were finished with.
> also some more differences, including the Mantra  upadesam. My 
friend asked 
> for the reasons for the different procedure, which I could not 
explain. Are 
> there different procedures in this sacred ceremony between those 
> to brahmin caste and others?
> Adiyen
> D Balasundaram Ramanujadasan
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