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amalanAthipirAn - 6

From: Venkatesan Ananth (
Date: Sun Oct 08 2000 - 18:45:57 PDT

srImathE rAmAnujAya nama:


amalanAthipirAn ARAm pAsuram

thundaveNpiRaiyan thuyartheerththavan anjiRaiya
vaNduvAzhpozhil soozharanganagarmEyavappan
aNdaraNdapakiraNdath thorumAnilamezhumAlvaraimuRRum
uNdakaNdankaNdeeradiyEnai uyyakkoNdathE



That Sriranganatha, who removed the sin of Rudra
who wears the white crescent moon, who resides in
Srirangam which is surrounded by gardens where 
bees with beautiful wings live, His throat which
swallowed this world, other worlds, the seven 
mountains, and the entire universe, has saved me 
who is His servant.



The beauty of His throat that swallowed everything
has taken over AzhvAr. The beauty of His chest has
spread to His throat.
In the previous song, His chest showed its beauty
of wearing ornaments and being the home of Lakshmi,
and pulled AzhvAr's mind from His stomach to itself.
His chest only has those two matters of pride; His
throat that looks like a conch, has the pride of
several of His dEvis using their ornament like 
hands around His neck, the pride of saving the 
entire universe during praLaya, and the pride of 
periya pirAtti who resides in His chest hugging 
Him by His neck. It also has as an ornament the 
message sheet that was tied around His neck when He 
went as a messenger for the pAndavAs. Such a throat 
shows AzhvAr its beauty and pride and saves him 
from samsAra.


thuNdaveNpiRaiyan thuyartheerththavan:
In the previous song, AzhvAr had said that his 
karmAs that are based on his agnyAna and that are 
without origin were removed by Him. To prove that
He will remove our sins, AzhvAr uses the example 
of Rudra who also in his agnyAna cut one of the 
heads of Brahma who is his own father and who is 
the teacher of this world. He who sinned and went 
to naraga and paid for his sins, and was born as 
several beings, then was born as man and after 
worshipping Him and praising His names ("thirunAma 
sangeerthanam") managed to cross the samsAra 
sAgaram, that person is known as Brahma. To sin 
against him is known as brahmahathyai. Rudra thus 
earned a sin that neither he himself nor any other 
could remove. He then went to ksheerAbdhi nAthan's 
place and He and periya pirAtti removed his 
brahmahathya dOsham. Similarly, He has removed 
AzhvAr's dOshams.
Even when Rudra is coming as a sinned person, he 
is still decorated with the moon as an ornament.
This says, that Rudra only has the importance of 
having a dEvathA as an ornament, and that he is 
not liberated yet.
Even though he carries the name Iswara, he still 
does not have completeness ("poorNathvam").
Rudra sinned with his own father and searched 
for someone to remove that sin. Finally, like a
lost boat reaching a beach, he reached Him who is
of infinite sympathy and was cleansed of his sin.
With this it is shown that while Rudra carries
the name Ishwara, he is still bound by karmAs.
Also, since he could not save even himself, he 
cannot save others, and that srIman nArAyaNA is 
the refuge.

veNpiRaiyan thuyar:
Due to his pride, Rudra removed one of Brahma's 
heads and thereby lost his quality of being a son; 
however, Brahma being a father, instead of 
destroying him only punished him and made him walk 
with a skull in his hand asking for alms. When 
Rudra reached the milky ocean ("thiruppARkkadal"), 
He came with pirAtti and removed his sin.
He is the savior even to those that sin against Him.
The example is kAkAsura (the asura in the form of a
crow) who sinned against SriRama and He let the 
brahmAsthrA at him. The asurA went to Indra seeking
help; Indra even with all his powers knew that to
protect him from SriRama was not easy and let him 
go. The asura then went to other dEvathAs, but they 
would not help him either. He then went to the 
Rishis, who had helped thirisangu who also had been 
rejected by Indra, but they would not help. The 
asurA then went to everyone's door step in all three
worlds hoping that someone would help him, but was 
unable to get any. He finally realized that the face
of the person who had set the arrow at him was 
sweeter than those of any whose help he had seeked, 
and he reached Him for help and was saved.
Thus He is the one who removes the fear that comes
from oneself, comes from others and that comes even
from Him, and saves us.

thuNdaveNpiRaiyan thuyar theerththavan:
Just as He removed the problems for Chandra so will 
He remove ours.
When danger comes, He is the only refuge.

anjiRaiya vaNduvAzhpozhil soozharanganagarmEyavappan:
When people of this world commit sins such as 
brahmahathyai and are looking to be saved, He is 
lying nearby to save them.
He is the father who is lying in the periya kOyil 
that is surrounded by gardens where the bees with 
beautiful wings live.
Just as Rudra obtained water from Him at His door 
step and attained happiness, so do the bees in these 
gardens obtain honey and attain happiness.
This shows His helpfulness in lying here so all can 
see Him.

The bees without going to where He is, will stay back
enjoying the sweeteness of the gardens. Similarly,
AzhvAr is being held back from Him in this world.
On the other hand, the bees are like the people that 
have attained the nature to reach Him and who live by
following the appropriate karmAs.
The gardens are ornaments to Him and the city; the
bees are ornamnets to the gardens; the pretty wings
are ornaments to the bees.
The bees help all His devotees reach Him, who is the
father of all worlds.

In these lines so far, AzhvAr has talked about His 
helping the one person that is Rudra who came to Him 
seeking help. In the following lines, Azhvar is 
talking about His throat that without discrimination 
helped all the worlds.

This world.

The other worlds.

The universe that holds all these worlds.

The seven mountains that protect these worlds and 
Earth from falling into the netherworld.

When AzhvAr saw His throat, he remembered that He had
swallowed the entire universe and had kept it in His
stomach during praLaya.

This world, the other worlds and the netherworld.

We reach toward Him through kainkaryam, and He 
reaches toward us to protect us.

adiyEnai uyyakkoNdathE:
His throat removed the agnyAna and removed AzhvAr 
from the samsAra sAgaram and helped him reach the 
other shore.
His throat has made sure that all the things that
AzhvAr has gained so far will not be lost.
Also, it has made sure that AzhvAR would never again
get caught in samsAra.
He swallowed the entire universe and protected them
during praLayA. Just as He prevented the universe
from being swallowed by the ocean of darkness, His 
throat has prevented AzhvAr from being swallowed by 
the ocean of samsAra.


thiruppANAzhvAr thiruvadigaLE saraNam
srI periyavAccAn piLLai, srI azhagiya maNavALap 
perumAL nAyanAr, srI vEdAntha dEsikar thiruvadigaLE


adiyEn madurakavi dhAsan
T.C.A. Venkatesan

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