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Swamy desikan mangaLam sthOthram

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Sun Oct 08 2000 - 04:53:15 PDT

Srimathe Gopaladesika mahadesikaya Namah:
Dearest Srivaishnavas,

Yet another translation to commemorate Swamy Desikan Thirunakshathram.
Please forgive me for errors. This again is from Sri C. Seshadri swami's 
release on project popularsiation of Swamy Desika's works. Sri Vedanta 
Desika MangaLaasaasanam

Sri Vedanta Desikan’s son Sri Nayinacharyar (or Kumara Varadacharyar) 
composed 13 verses singing maNgaLam for Swamy. He reminisces the upakarams 
of Swamy Desikan in his eulogy.

Srima lakshmaNa yogeendra: ...aham bhajE..

I bow down to Varadacharyar, born in Viswamithra kulam (gOthram), who is 
like the victory flag of Emperumaanaar Sri Ramanuja Siddhaantham

Sarvathanthra swathanthraaya… venkatEsaaya mangaLam..

MangaLam to Sarwaswathanthrar, Lion among poets, Vedantacharya by name 

Napasyamaasi srOnaayaam…… mangaLam

MangaLam to Swamy Desikan born in VisawamithragOthram on Purattaasi 

PithaayasyaananthasUri…thasya mangaLam

MangaLam to Swamy Desikan, son of AnanthasUri and ThOtharambai, and grand 
son of Pundareekaaksha sOmayaaji.

VEnkatEsaavatharOyam… vidharkyaayaasthu mangaLam

MangaLam to Swamy Desikan, who is praised by elders and scholars; who is the 
amsam of YathirAjan; who is the amsam of the Divine Bell of Sri Venkatesa; 
who is also considered as an avtaar of Sri Venkatesa Himself.

Sri Bhashyakaara… mangaLam
MangaLam to Swamy Desikan who is called as the very Sri Bhashyakaarar 
Himself in order to expound the Sri VisishtAdvaitha philosophy (propounded 
by Sri Bhshyakaarar earlier)

YO baalyE.. mangaLam AND prathishtabidhvEdantha poori kalyANa bhAjanam
MangaLam to Swamy Desikan -who was brought to that highest level by Sri 
AppuLLaar;   - who had been blessed by Sri Nadadhur AmmAL, (Vaatsya 
Varadhacharyar) his praacharyar,  “All mangaLam to you to propagate the 
Vedic religion (Sri Ramanuja siddhaantham) and conquer the non vedic other 
religions, uproot them, and be praised by Vedic scholars”, when Swamy 
Desikan was a young Boy.

Raamanujaayaath AthrEyaath maathulaath sakalata kala: … mangaLam
MangaLam to Swamy Desikan the greatest scholar, who had learnt all saasthras 
before he attained 20 years of age, from his uncle Kidaambi appuLLaar.

sruthaprakaasikaabhUmOth.. srEshtAya mangaLam
When there was disturbance due to Thurushkars (Muslims) Swamy Desikan not 
only protected the Sruthaprakaasika – the commentary on Sri Bhashyam, 
written by Sri Sudharsana bhattar, Swamy Desikan also propagated the same 
through learned scholars (by teaching them). MangaLam to Swamy.

Saamskrudheepi: sEvyaaya mangaLam
MangaLam to Swamy Desikan, fit to be worshipped, due to his parama upakaram 
of writing very many granthas (works) in Tamil and Sanskrit, thereby saving 
the humanity.

Yakyaadhi laabha.. mangaLam
Fame, benefit, name, - these were not sought after by Swamy Desikan, who 
serves Srivaishnava Bhagawathas saying “these Bhagawathas (who call Kesavaa, 
PurushOtthamaa) can even sell my body” (in the words of PeriyAzhwAr). 
MangaLam to Swamy Desikan.

YasmaadhEva.. mama nAthAya mangaLam
MangaLam to Swamy Desikan, -VenkatanAthan- my Nathan (master), from whom 
adiyEn had learnt all saasthraas.

PithrE brahmO.. vEmkatEsaaya mangaLam
MangaLam to Swamy Desikan, whose name is VenktEsan, my father; one who 
initiated Gayatri (BrahmOpadEsar) to adiyEn; who is my spiritual teacher; 
who is My God; who is the means, my refuge as well as the Goal Himself.

Ya: krutham.. bhavEth mangaLa bhaajanam.

Those who recite this Swamy Vedanta Desika mangaLam composed by Kumara 
varadaachaaryar, daily, (or read these translations) will also attain all 

Swamy Desikan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Narayana Narayana
adiyEn Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan
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