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Caste difference in Sr Vaishnavas

From: Bala Sundaram (
Date: Sun Oct 08 2000 - 06:57:51 PDT

Respected Swamis:

This is in reference to certain postings on October 7.

Is there a caste difference among the devotees of Sriman Narayana following 
Sri Ramanuja's teachings?

What is the difference between Sri Vaishnavas and Bhagavathas?

Is there a need still after Sri Ramanuja to integrate all varnas (castes 
also) into one ghosti?

Sometime ago I persuaded a friend of mine, who does not belong to the 
Brahmin community, but a devotee of Sriman Narayana to undergo the 
Samashryanam cremony with a famous Mutt head. He was administered the rite 
separately after all the Brahmins devotess were finished with. There were 
also some more differences, including the Mantra  upadesam. My friend asked 
for the reasons for the different procedure, which I could not explain. Are 
there different procedures in this sacred ceremony between those belonging 
to brahmin caste and others?


D Balasundaram Ramanujadasan
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