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Sri HayagrIva sthOthram:Part XXXV--> SlOkams 32 & 33:

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Oct 06 2000 - 08:43:47 PDT

SrimathE RaamAnujAya nama:

Dear BhakthAs :

On this Vikrama (Purattasi) Mahaa-navami day ,
adiyEn will conclude this series of postings
on Sri HayagrIva SthOthram with this last posting
and offer them next as a humble samarpaNam at 
the VidhyA Raaajan's sacred feet .

Lord HayagrIva"s place of residence 
The cosmology according to Sukha Brahmam
( author of Srimath Bhaagavatham) recognizes
seven dhvIpams in this Universe . One of them is 
Jambhu DhvIpam of ours surrounded by salty ocean.
There  are nine divisions ( KaNtankaL) in this 
Jambhu DhvIpam :

(1) ILAvrutham (2) BhadrAchalam (3) Hari Varsham 
(4) KethumAlam (5) Ramyakam (6) HiraNmayam
(7) Uttharakuru (8) Kimpurusham and (9)BhAratham .

Ours is BhAratha KaNTam . Lord HayagrIvan is
the presiding deity in BhadhrAsvam (BhadhrAchalam )
according to Sukha Brahmam (Srimath BhAgavatham:5.18.3&6).
The naming of this mountainous kantam  as Bhadra -
achalam { auspicious (spatika ) mountain }
for the Bhadra-asvam (sacred Horse faced One )
is very appropriate .

There are manthrams and sthOthrams for Lord HayagrIvan
in Srimath BhAgavatham . The manthram salutes Him there  
as the quintessential meaning of PraNavam  and as 
a dharma svarUpi , who banishes nescience through 
upadEsam on the redeeeming VidhyAs to bless one with 
Brahma Jn~Anam (vide: slOkam 5 of Sri HayagrIva SthOthram ).
The Bhaagavatha SlOkam ( 5.18.6) for the Lord of 
BhadhrAsvam reminds us of His avathAra KaaraNam:

VedAn yugAntE tamasA tiraskruthAn
prathyAdadhE kavayEapiyAchathE
  Tasmai NamastEavitaTEhithAyatE

(meaning): At the end of the kalpam , the asuran
by the name of Madhu stole the VedAs from BrahmA 
and hid himself in the nether world (rasAtalam).
Sriman NaarAyaNan took the form of HayagrIvan 
( Horse's form above the neck and a man's body below 
the neck) and recovered the stolen VedAs . AdiyEn's 
salutations are to this Nru-turanga vigraham of the Lord !

Inview of His incomparable help to Brahma dEvan
in recovering VedAs , He is saluted as:
" KalpAntha gUDa nigamOtthAraNa PraveeNan ".
His auspicous (Bhadra) ThirumEni is therefore 
saluted in the context of His residence in 
the sacred BhadrAsvam or BhadrAchalam in
Sri LakshmI HayagrIva Sahasra Naamam :

(PraNavam) Bhadra Srivathsa HaarAya Nama:
(PraNavam) Bhadra BhaavayithrE Nama:
(PraNavam) Sriman NaarAyaNAya Nama:
(PraNavam) VaasudEvAya Nama:
(PraNavam) VishNavE Nama:
(PraNavam ) SrimathE HayagrIvAya Nama:

DhyAna SlOkam for Lord HayagrIvan : SlOkam 32

>From Slokam 5 to 31 , Swamy Desikan used UpajAthi 
metre in his direct conversation with Lord HyaagrIvan , 
who presented Himself before Swamy Desikan on the top of
the hillock (Oushadha Giri ) at ThiruvahIndhrapuram .
In the 32nd slOkam , Swamy Desikan shifts to 
the slow moving , majestic MandhAkrAnthA metre 
for deep meditation on the ThirumEni of the Lord :

vyAkhyA mudhrAm kara sarasijai:
 pusthakam Sankha-chakrE
Bhibrath-bhinna spatika ruchirE
 PuNDarIkE nishaNNa:
amlAna SrI: amrutha visaddhair-amsubhi:
 plAvayan maam
AavirbhUyAth anaga mahimA 
--Sri HaygrIva sthOthram : slOkam 32

(Meaning ): In His beautiful , lotus soft four hands ,
Lord HayagrIvan sports Sudarsanam , Paancha-janyam ,
Jn~Ana Mudhrai and a Book .He is seated on 
a freshly-blososmed White Lotus and reminds 
the UpasakAs of the whitest-white fragment 
of a freshly cleaved spatikam .His lutre never 
ever fades.There is no limit (boundary )to His 
blemishless glories.May This Lord of Vidhyais 
shower on adiyEn His nectarine ,white and cool rays !
May He reside and preside over my HrudhayAkAsam 
in this manner !

The embedded namaskArams here are:

(PraNavam) vyAkhyA mudhrA samEtha KarAya Nama:
(PraNavam )Sankha Chakra HasthAya Nama:
(PraNavam) Bhibrath bhinna Spatika RoopAya Nama:
(PraNavam) Ruchira PuNDarIkE nishaNNaYa Nama:
(PraNavam) amlAna SrimathE Nama:
(PraNavam) amrutha visadhai: amsubhi: bhaktha Janam
           plAvayAmAnAya Nama:
(PraNavam) anaga MahimAya Nama:
(PraNavam) VaagadhIsAya Nama:

The first slOkam ( Jn~Anandha mayam dEvam--) and
this MangalA dhyAna slOkam are very important for
our daily prayers. The recitation of the entire sthOthram
is recommended for all , who can find the time to recite
daily to be blessed with Superior Saarsavatha Vaak and
Brahma Jn~Anam . If the recitation of the entire slOkam
is not possible for whatever reasons , the First and the 
32nd DhyAna slOkam should be recited for srEyas and prEyas.

Sri HayagrIvan was one of the NithyAraadhana Moorthy of
Swamy Desikan along with Lord VaradarAjan. That is why ,
Sri HayagrIva Vigrahma is joined with Swamy Desikan
during prathishtais at Desikan Sannidhis at our temples.
Swamy Desikan can not be without Lord HayagrIva Varadhan
in his sannidhis at dhivya dEsams. 

SlOkam 33: Phala Sruthi SlOkam in AaryA Metre

vaagarTasiddhi hEthO: paDatha 
HayagrIva Sthuthim BhakthyA 
Kavi-tArkika kEsariNA 
VenkatanAthna VirachithAm yEthAm

(Meaning): Oh AaasthikAs of this world ! Oh SumathIs !
This sthOthram on Lord HayagrIvan was composed by
the Lion among the poets and logicians (elephants)
with the name of VenkanAthan . May You all recite 
this sacred sthuthi to be blessed with the powers of
composing poetry and special jn~Anam about the true
meanings of Tatthva-Hitha-PutrushArthams.

Swamy Desikan declares  that one should recite 
with devotion the HayagrIva SthOthram  
composed by VenakatanAthan ,who is a Lion 
among poets and Logicians for obtaining 
the blessings of Veda Vaak impregnated with 
auspicious meanings ( VaagarTa Siddhi:).Swamy points out 
that this HayagrIva SthOthram is no Sthuthi , 
but is a Samsthuthi ( most auspicious adoration of 
the Lord ). The reciters will be blessed with 
sound (Vaak ) and artham( sense) in an inseperable 
manner through the anugraham of the DayA Nidhi ,
Lord HayagrIvan.

Swamy Desikan is the proof positive for becoming 
Kavi-Taarkika Kesari.Unflinching Bhakthi for 
Lord HayagrIvan is an absolute prerequisite for 
such anugrahams.

The reference is to Sri LakshmI HayagrIvan in
the HayagrIva Sthothram as indicated by the choice of
words " Vaagartha Siddhi" .Vaak and Artham are 
conjointly mentioned . Sri D.Ramaswamy Iyengar 
quotes the following two passages from VishNu
PurANam and Swamy Desikan's own Thirucchina Maalai:

(1)" ArthO VishNum  iyam VaaNI "(VishNu PurANam : 1-8-19)
     Here the Lord is equated to the meaning (artham)
     and LakshmI to Vaak ( word , VaaNI ).The passage
     from Sri GopAla Vimsathi: " Vaacham nijAnga RasikAm
     PrasameekshamANa:" can also be reflected upon here.
     The " DayA tarangAnucharA: KatAkshA :" of Lord
     Hyagrivan on the Suddha satthvA: makes them
     " VyapadEsya Vaacha:" ( known for their auspicious
     speech ).   

(2) " Thiru uRayAit-thAm poruLAi niRpAr VanthAr ThAmE "
      Here Swamy Desikan in his tribute in 
      Thirucchinna Maalai to the Lord of Kaanchi 
      VaradarAjan salutes LakshmI as the sapdha-
      SvarUpi and the Lord as the Meaning
      of those Vaaks . 

Lord HayagrIvan is revered as UdhgItha PraNava-
svaroopan.It is in this context that the second 
slOkam of ThirucchinamAlai explaining the Rakshakathva 
artham of akAram in PraNavam has special
significance to Lord HayagrIvan :

arumaRayai oozhi tanil kaatthAr VanthAr
  athu tannai anRu Ayanukku aLitthAr VanthAr
Dharuma Vazhi azhiyAmal kAppAr VanthAr
  ThAmaraiALudan ilangum tAthai vanthAr
maruvalrkku mayakkuraikkum MaayOr vanthAr 
  VaanERa Vazhi TanthAr vanthAr thAmE
--Thiruchina Maalai: 2

Sri Lakshmi(VidhyA) HayagrIva Tatthvam is very much 
embedded in this Desika Prabhnadham . The references
to the many glories of Lord HayagrIvan celebrated
in the first sthOthram of Swamy Desikan are all here:

(1) First Two lines: Varadhan is the One as HayagrIvan
    blessed BrahmA with the rare Vedams during PraLaya 
    Kaalam     and protected (restored ) them , when
    they were stolen and performed UpadEsam for BrahmA .

(2) Third and Fourth Lines : HayagrIva Varadhan  is
    the One , who engages in Dharma samsthApanam 
    thru His many avathArams along with MahA Lakshmi
    from whom He is never separated .  

(3) Fifth and Line: HayagrIvan is the Lord ,
    who is artha svarUpi , while MahA LakshmI is
    present as Sabdha SvarUpi (Vaak )in an inseperable
    manner ( ahalahillEn yenRu urayum AlarmEl ManagaI).

(4) Sixth Line : Lord HayagrIvan took His avathAram
    for illustrating the VedArthams and for creation 
    of Dharma Saasthrams , Saathvika PurANams and 
    IthihAsams through the efforts of Maharsishis
    (VyAsadaya: VyapadEsya Vaacha:) like Paraasara,
    VyAsA and Vaalmiki .

(5) Seventh Line: Lord HayagrIva Varadhan is the One
    who plunges naasthikAs without bhakthi for Him 
    into narakams through many mOhana saasthrams
    and deludes them.

(6) Eighth Line: Lord HayagrIva Varadhan is
    the Saasthra PaaNI , who instructs the AchAryAs
    with Bhakthi-Prapatthi maargams to bless the Bhaddha
    Jeevans with Moksha Siddhi through them .

As adiyEn mentioned earlier , Lord VaradarAjan 
and Lord HayagrIvan are Swamy's nithya aarAdhana moorthys. 
The Vara DhAyakan , HyaagrIvan , becomes Varada Raajan
as revealed from this Thirucchinna Maalai paasuram.

The manthra Maya sarIram of the Lord arising out 
of the Utthara Vedhi under PuNya kOti vimAnam is
equally applicable to Lord HayagrIvan as per
the 10th slOkam of Sri HayagrIva sthOthram 
(agnou samiddhArchishi--), which is a summary
of Smruthi Vaakhyam :" aham hi sarva yaj~nAnAm 
bhOkthA cha PrabhurEva cha ".

May Lord Lakshmi HayagrIvan confer His choicest
blessings on every one , who studies His sthothram
composed by Swamy Desikan every day !

AdiyEn's anantha kOti PraNAmams to Lord
LakshmI HayagrIvan on the eve of Swamy
Desikan's avathAra dinam . May the divine 
couple bless us all with sarva MangaLams !

Srimath Azhagiya Singar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchArui SatakOpan   




           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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