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what was that you did- 6 & concluded

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Thu Oct 05 2000 - 01:27:10 PDT

Dear sri vaishnava perunthagaiyeer, 

In the previous posts, we saw 3 krithis from 3 different authors with the
same central theme of wondering about yasOdhaa's bhaagyam, comments on the
two krithis "enna thavam seidhanai" by PS, and paNNiya puNNiyam by AK, some
comments and meanings of part of the next krithi containing same theme by
Sri Ooththukkadu Swami. Continuing the OVS krithi

CharaNam 1:
Sankai illaadhu inthap piLLaip peRRuk koLLa
ThavangaL iyaRRiyathu eththanai
Thangu thadaiyinRi aasai niraivEra
Dhaana dharumangaL eththanai
Gangaiyum kaasiyum raamEsvaramumaai
Kanda kshEththirangaL eththanai?
Kai mEl palanaaga uRi veNNaith thayir paalum 
KaLavaadum neelach chamaththanai - engum

Meaning of charaNam 1: There is no doubt that penance alone will give that
kind of child. But doubt is that "What quantum of that penance to be done to
get such a child?" To get this desire fulfilled without any obstructions,
what is that quantum of donations and good deeds to be done. How many times
one has to visit the ganges, kaasi and raameswaram to beget this child. To
get this clever blue boy who steals milk, curd and butter kept in rope
hangers what is the amount of that puNNiyam to be done. 

Comment: Even for quoting the colour of that child there is reference-
"maiththadankaNNi yasOdhai vaLarkkinRa seiththalai neela niraththuch chiru
piLLai" - 1-3-12 {periyaazhvaar}.

Mother yasOdhaa is worried "Pallaayiravar ivvooril pillaigaL theemaigaL
seivaar ellaam unmEl anRip pOgaathu - 2-8-5 periyaazhvaar-  in this
aaippaadi there are lots and lots of small children who do all kinds of
mischief. But always the accusation is on you oh! Krishna! says mother. But
he is neela chamaththan- he escapes cleverly without any pazhi on him- see
Immaayam valla piLLai, nambee, unnai en maganE enbar ninRaar, ammaa un
maganai arinthu konden 3-1-3 periyaazhvaar.
You are a clever fellow and can do tricks, oh my son. These people come to
me and say "oh! Mother! I understood about your son" but I know they can

If we rearrange these words this gives another meaning- "en maganE, nambee,
ammaa unnai un maganai arinthu konden enbar ninRaar, immaayam valla piLLai".
Oh, my son, my lord, These people come to me and claim they have known about
you. I know they can not, because you can do all kinds of tricks, which I
know and can understand. Hey krishna you are a chamaththan. So they are
simply duped. I know you are engum illaadhoru piLLai- you are the knower
known and the knowledge- beyond, within, without. I surrender to your padha

He is that kind of great Lord. kaNNuL ninRu agalaan karuththin kaN periyan
eNNil nuN poruL Ezhisaiyin suvai thaane 10 -8-8 nammazhvaar
He is the subject to see. It is very difficult to judge He is of this size
or kind. If you count he is countless, if you think he is beyond
comprehension. He is the taste of that sapthaswaraas. 

That krishnan once got into the eyes, he will not go out, will stay in the
mind, then that mind will melt "KaNNaa enRu azhaikkinra adi naayEn naai
koozhai vaalal kuzhaikkinRathu pol en ullaam kuzhaiyum - 9-4-3, nammazhvaar.

Please melt me into you, oh! Krishna! 
Vasudevan M.G.

PS: The post script in part 2 of this series was made from my memory. I went
thru the correspondence and I find, Sri Hari has exempted "enna thavam
seithanai" krithi, but had a swish only on the composer's other "rajasic and
thamasic krithis". Since other krithis are out of context, I am extremely
sorry for any misapprehensions. Thanks Hari, otherwise, I would not have
touched this topic.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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