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Sri HayagrIva SthOthram : Part XXXIV--> Part 2: SlOkams 30 & 31

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Oct 04 2000 - 19:17:13 PDT

SrimathE RaamAnujAya Nama:

Dear BhakthAs :

We will start with the study of the deeper
meanings of the two slOkams now.
SlOkam 30: Sva-Yogya kathanam

naanAvidhAnAm agathi: kalAnAm
 na chApi theerthEshu kruthAvathAra:
dhruvam tavAnAta ParigrahAyA:
 navam navam paathramaham dayAyA:

(Meaning) : Oh Lord HayagrIvA! adiyEn has not
devoted any time to learn the various kalais
(SaamAnya and VisEsha VidhyAs) that are prevalent 
in the world.AdiyEn has not accumulated puNyam by 
bathing in the sacred waters (theerthams). AdiyEn 
has not performed intense susrUshai (kaimkaryam ) to
AchAryans to qualify for their blessings.Your grace 
receives with open arms " the helpless and 
the hapless".adiyEn is the most qualified 
candidate to be the object of Your Parama DayA 
due to my limitless deficiencies. 

Swamy Desikan has eulogized Lord HayagrIvan's
DayA ( DayA Nidhim dEvam HayagrIvam ) in earlier
slOkams of this sthOthram .Here , he proposes to
the Lord in front of him that no one is more qualified
than him to receive the anukampA of the Lord because
he is so hapless and helpless.

Swamy Desikan follows here the path shown by 
PoorvAchAryAs like Swamy AlavandhAr in
his sthOthra Rathnam and Thruvarangatthu
AmudanAr in RaamAnuja NooRRandhAthi .

Swamy AlavandhAr in his moving appeal
to Moksha-DhAyaka Mukundhan enlists 
his deficencies and on that basis makes
a case to the Lord that he is the most qualified 
one to receive the Lord's anugraham :

"na dharma nishtOsmi NachAthma Vedhi
 na BhakthimAn Tvadh SaraNAravindhE
 akinchanOnyagathi: SaraNya ! 
 Tvath paadhamoolam SaraNam PrapathyE "
--SthOthra rathna SlOakm : 22

This slOkam of Swamy AlavandhAr is used
by us in Bhagavath SannidhAnam to introduce 
ourselves as akinchanan and ananya gathi 
(hapless and helpless) seeking SaraNAgathi 
at the Lord's feet .

mE dayisyasE tatha: dhayaneeyas 
Tava Naatha Dhurlabha:
--SthOthra rathnam : SlOkam 50

(meaning): Oh Lord AchyuthA ! " mey ninRu 
kEttaruLAi adiyEN ViNNappam " . If You do
not recognize my highest qualifications as
a paathram for Your grace , You will not ever 
get One , who is so fit for Your grace.

tadham tvath ruthE naNaathavAn
math ruthE thvam dayaneeyavAn na cha 
Vithi nirmitham yEtham anvayam
Bhagavan paalaya maasma jeehabha:
--SthOthra Rathnam : SlOkam 51

(meaning): Oh AchyuthA , who never lets go
of any one , who seeks Your DayA ! adiyEn
has none other than You as my SwAmi. You
do not have anyone more fit than me to
become the object of Your compassion .
Please do not lose this opportunity
that has come Your way providentially.

Swamy Desikan also is reminded of 
Thiruvarangatthu AmudanAr Sri Sookthi
( RaamAnuja NooRRandhAthi : Paasuram 48)
according to Sri D.Raamaswamy Iyengar,
when he appeals to the Lord HayagrIvan
with the words: "aham agathi: , anAta
parigrahAyaa tava DayayA (aham) navam 
navam paathram".AmudaNar appeals to
EmperumAnAr in the 48th slOkam this way:
" When both would benefit from Your grace
towards me , why go apart ? ".

Swamy Desikan states thus his Sva-Yogyathai
for Lord HayagrIvan's DayA and points out
that no one is more qualified than himself
to the anukampA ( KaruNai) of the DayA nidhi.

SlOkam 31: Fruits of Sri HayagrIvan's anugraham

akampaneeyAnyapaneethi bhEdhai:
  alankrusheeran hrudhayam madhIyam
sankkA kaLankA pagamOj-jvalAni
  tatthvAni samyanchi tava prasAdhAth

(Meaning): Oh Lord HayagrIva! When adiyEn 
receives Your anugraham , all the doubts
in my mind about our SiddhAntham will be
erased. The true meanings will dawn majestically
and take permanent residence there .The para matha
scholars engaged in debate with adiyEn can not 
assail these true tatthvams rooted in adiyEn's  
mind even by an iota.Therefore Your anugraham is
vital to commence adiyEn's kaimkaryams in support
of our sampradhAyam.Please bless me.

Sri D.Raamaswamy Iyengar summarizes the meaning
of this slOkam this way: " Oh Lord ! By Thy 
benevolence , May the excellent real and true
meanings (about Tatthva thrayam) ever adorn my
heart, unshaken and unshakable by varied and various 
faultless forms of logic , and brightly disclosing 
truth removing all traces of doubts and similar blots". 

Lord HayagrIvan as DayA nidhi responded most
heartily to His GhaNtAvathAran and blessed him
to go forth into the world as NigamAntha
MahA Desikan to carry out the duties that
He assigned him .

Srimath Azhagiya Singar ThiruvadigaLE saraNam,
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan  


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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