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Re: HayagrIva SlOka 28

From: Srinath Chakravarty (
Date: Wed Oct 04 2000 - 13:39:27 PDT

Sri. Satakopan swami:  aDiyEn is one of the unfortunate souls
who don't normally get too emotional about our AchAryAL's
works - however this one moves me close to tears.  In bringing
the message of this wonderful slokam to readers in a language
they can understand, you (Sri. Satakopan) have played a
monumental part in the anubhavams that so many of us are
able to experience as a result.

The thought of hayagriva perumAL seated on the throne of
swAmi desikan's tongue (jihvAgra simhAsanam abhyupeyA:)
literally makes the hair stand on end!  Verily it was because
of hayagrIvan that swAmi desikan displayed such prodigal
learning prowess and pravachana shakti - having learnt (in
his own words) all vidyAs that existed in his time, by the
age of 20!!  Like Sri poundarIkapuram Srimad Andavan
swami mentioned in his last upanyAsam on pAdukA sahasra,
that  "While the rest of we mortals speak of hayagrIvan by
simply recounting the works of swAmi desikan - hayagrIvan
himself spoke through swAmi desikan by inscribing divine
wisdom directly into swAmi's mind (manas)"

srimad venkatanAthAryam vande vedAnta desikam

-Srinath C.

Sadagopan wrote:

> SlOkam 28: Prayers for Victory over the poets & logicians
> **********************************************************
> visEshavith paarishadhEshu Naatha
>   vidagdha ghOshtI SamarAnganEshu
> jigIshathO mE kavitArkikEndhrAn
> (Meaning): Oh Lord HayagrIvA ! Please bless me to join
> the mighty battle fields of contests , where very
> learned vidvAns serve as mediators (madhyasthars)
> of debate between contestants!Please bless me to
> win over those who belong to para mathams , who use
> their tricks (yukthis) to advance their points !
> Please bless me with the power of Veda Vaak to
> establish the truth ! Oh Lord ! You must grant me
> this boon of Veda Vaak to be used in Your service !
> To succeed in my efforts to defend and protect our
> siddhAntham (Parama Vaidhika Matham ) , Thou should
> occupy the tip of my tongue as Your throne !

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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