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Periya Thirumozhi -10.10-

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Wed Oct 04 2000 - 05:51:01 PDT

Srimathe Gopaladesika Mahadesikaya Namah:

Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

The Nayaki (Parakala nAyaki) calls the birds and pleads them to make her 
join her Lord. (Rhyming words.. please read pAsurams)

1.Thirutthaay chempOtthE! *
thirumaamagaL thankaNavan*
marutthaar tholpugazh madhavanai varatth*
thirutthaay chempOtthE!

Oh ChembOtthu bird (ChembOtthu is a kind of bird, also called “kaLLi 
kaakai”)! Periya PiraaTTi-Mahalakshmi’s Consort, Sri Vallabhan; the One who 
wears ever fragrant garland; who is the SaraNyan; SarvEshawarn, by name 
Madhavan. Please (make sound) call so that He comes here. Please call.

2. Karaiyaai kaakkaipiLLai!*
karumaamugil pOl niRatthan*
uraiyaar tholpugazh utthamanai varak*
karaiyaay kaakkaip piLLai*

Oh helpful Crow! The One who is of the dark cloud black color; who is the 
Greatest One, unparalleled Utthaman, praised by one and all as the Chief- 
Please crow so that He comes here; Please crow.

3.Koovaay poonkuyilE!*
kuLirmaari thadutth ugantha*
maavaay keeNdamaNi vaNNanai varak*
koovaay poonkuyilE!*

Oh beautiful cuckoo! Please coo for KaNNapiraan, who is handsome like gem 
stone; who tore the beak of PakAsuran; who rejoiced protecting the cattle 
and cowherd folks from the heavy torrential downpour- to come. Please coo.

4. kottaay pallikkutti!*
kudamaadi ulagaLantha*
mattaar pponkuzhal maadhavanai varak*
kottaay pallikkutti!

Oh lizard kutti! Please sound for the One who danced with pots; who measured 
the universe; who has the black tresses adorned with most fragrant honey 
laden flowers- Madhavan to come. Please sound.

5. sollaay painkiLiyE!*
sudar aazhi valan uyarttha*
mallaarthOL vadavEnkatavanaivarach*
chollaay paikiLiyE!

Oh youthful parrot! Please speak a word to let SarvEshwaran, the One who 
stands mercifully and gracefully at ThiruvEmkatam, who has strong shoulders; 
who has resplendent ChakrA in His Hand- come. Please speak.

6. kOzhi koovennumaal*
thOzhi! Naan en seyghEn?
Aazhi vaNNar varum pozhudhaayiRRu*
KOzhi koovennumaal.

Oh friend! The hen (that usually coos sound in the wee hours) calls. That 
means the day is going to dawn. Happy. But, ocean like colored KaNNapiraan 
will come. But, alas! The hen that coos for the next yaamam (for the next 
phase of time) also coos. Means: He will go away from me. What will I do? 
(He comes when one hen coos; He will go way when the next one coos; Oh no! 
the next one also coos; what will I do?)

7. kaamaR ken kadavEn?*
karumaamugil vaNNaRkallaal*
poomElai~n kaNaikOtthup pugundheyyak*
kaamaR ken kadavEn?

The dark cloud colored KaNNapiraan sowed the seeds of love for Him in me. On 
top of it, the cupid also sends the bunch of five arrows from his sugar cane 
bow, which aggravates my languishing for Him. What can I do for that 

8. inghE pOdhunkolO?*
inavEl nedu~nkaN kaLippak*
kongaarchOlaik kudanthaik kidanthamaal*
inghE pOdhunkolO?

The Lord who reclines at Thirukkudanthai (surrounded by beautiful gardens)- 
sarvEshwaran- will He show Himself here at this place for these long spear 
like eyes (to be blessed) with fullest happiness of seeing His ThirumEni? 
Will He come here?

9. innaar enRu aRiyEn*
annE! Aazhiyodum*
ponnaar saarngamudaiya adigaLai*
innaar enRu aRiyEn.

Oh mother! (ammA!- annE!) This Swami who has come here with the most 
beautiful Conch, divine ChakrA in His Hand. I don’t know who He is. I don’t 
know who He is.

10.thoNdeer! PaaduminO*
surumbaar pozhil mangaiyarkOn*
oNdaar vElkaliyan oli maalaigaL*
thoNdeer paaduminO*

Oh Bhagawathas! Sing this ten-the garland of words composed by Kaliyan, 
having lovely garland and spear, the chief of Thirumangai. Bhagawathas! Sing 
this ten.

(I remember my grandmother singing this ten every morning when I was 
studying in secondary school.- great ten- rhyming, simple ten with sweet 
tune. Kaliyan Kaliyanthaan.)

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana
adiyEn Narayana dAsan Madhavakannan
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