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Update on Kaimkaryams: Part II

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Oct 02 2000 - 13:17:15 PDT

Dear BhakthAs :

adiyEn would like to take this opportunity to
complete the list of  Kaimkaryams that
have been left out from the previous note
on the subject :

(1) CD ROM on AzhwArs and Dhivya Desams :
Most of the graphics relating to the lives of
AzhwArs have been completed . The images of 
the 106 dhivya dEsa EmperumAns have been 
assembled from various sources .Some of these are 
from Silpi's wonderful sketches gpoing back 
to the fifties ,when he visited temples like
ThirumAlirum Cholai and drew stunning drawings
invoking the saanidhyam of the EmperumAns .
The text on the AzhwAr's lives and Sri Sookthis 
will be completed and we are still shooting for
SanakarAnthi release .

(2) AdiyEn has accepted the responsibilty to
sponsor the nithyArAdhanams at the dhivya
dEsam of ThiruveLLIyankudi for the next year .
This is in response to the appeals by SVSS
for volunteers to come forward to support 
the dhivya dEsams , which are in dire need of
support . ThiruveLLiyankudi is one of the Pancha
Raama KshEthrams close to mty village of 
Oppilappan Koil , where Thriumangai performed 
his mangaLAsAsanam after his visit to
Thiru IndaLUr , where he complained to
the PerumAL there(ParimaLa RanganAthan)
for not blessing him with his darsana
soubhAgyam : " , ThirumEni inna vaNNamenRu
kaateer IndhaLUrIrE , VaazhnthE pOm neerE "

In a mood of dejection , Thirumangai arrived at 
ThiruveLLiyankudi and had a marvellous sevai of
the Lord and performed his moving mangaLAsAsanam
of Kola Villi Raaman resting on the banks of 
MaNNai river , a tributary of Cauvery . His 
paasurrams on ThiruveLLiyankudi PerumaaL are housed 
in his Periya Thirumozhi : 4.10 decad .

There are many other temples like 
Thiruttalicchanka NaaNmadhiyam , 
Aaduthurai perumAL Koil , Thirumeyyam 
and ThirunAngUr Thiruppathis that need
attention to continue with nithyArAdhanams.
adiyEn appeals bhakthAs to get in touch
with Smt.Nagu Satyan and Sri T.A.Varadhan
for details on sponsorships oft hedhivya desam
adoption ptrogram .

(3) adiyEn will start a new series on Swamy
Desikan's ChillaRai Rahasyams to compliment 
the current postings of Sriman Hari from 
Singapore on "Desika Prabhandham " appearing 
on the malolan net now. AdiyEn will initiate
this series on Swamy Desikan's Thirunakshathram
( October 8) after concluding the current series
on Sri HayagrIva Sthothram and seeking Swamy
Desikan's blessings for this serious effort .

(4) adiyEn has accepted to share the responsibility  
for the sponsorship of the Kaarthikai RohiNi 
celebrations of HH Poundarikapuram Srimath
Andavan as a part of his upcoming , well-planned 80th 
birthday (SathAbhishEkam )celebrations next year.

November 12 is Kaarthikai RohiNi day and adiyEn is 
thrilled to know that this ThirukkArthikai day coincides 
with the Thirunakshathram  of ThiruppANAzhwAr .
PoundarIkapuram happens to be our ancient village
from where my granfather on my father's side
moved to Oppiliappan Koil , some five miles away .

PondarIkapuram AaNdavans have performed many 
Kaimkaryams for Lord Oppiliappan in the twenties
and thirties including the SvarNa Kavacham 
for the dhivya Dampathis of Oppilaippan Koil.
This svarna kavacham is removed only for one day
in an year during JyEshtAbhishEkam .This kaimkaryam
is in honor of my granfather and his predecessors.

(5) Thirukkudanthai Desikan's AparyApthAmrutha
ShOpAanam will join the Home pages of PeriyANDavan
aasramam . As you know , this Sri Sookthi is modelled
after Swamy Desikan's own Sri Bhagavath DhyAna SOpAnam 
inspired by ThiruppANAzhwAr's AmalanAdhipirAn .

(6) A Major kaimkaryam at AhObila matam : adiyen
requests the sishyALs and abimAnis of Sri matam 
to contact me for support of  a major kaimkaryam
underway .adiyEn would like to provide the details
of this kaimkaryam and seek your participation .


The date has now been shifted to sATURDAY ,
October 7 (2:30 PM)at Swamy Desika Bhavanam 
in Mylapore instead of October 8 due to accomodate 
the travel plans of number of Sri Vaishnava Scholars 
on October 8 .They plan to  attend  Swamy Desikan's 
Thirunakshathram celebrations at Thiruvaheendhrapuram 
on December 8.

Please contact Sri U.Ve. PerukkAraNai Swamy 
for additional details on the planned celebrations
for the release of ThiruppAvai monograph
and join in this celebrations with your family .
on .

Srimath Azhagiya Singar ThiruvadigaLE Saranam ,
CharamAvathi Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil SatakOpan 

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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