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From: Sriram Ramanujam (
Date: Mon Oct 02 2000 - 08:40:43 PDT

ShriMathe Gopaladesika Mahadesikaya Nama:
Shrimathe Srinivasa Mahadesikaya  nama:
srimathe nigamantha MahaDesikaya nama:
srimathe sri bhashyakara mahadesikaya nama:
sri Neelamega ManiParvatha VeeraNirusimha para bramhane Nama:

       iam having a doubt in performing sandhyavandhanam.
iam unable to perform the SAYAMsandhyavandhanam daily.because as i have to
stay late or whole night in office .as i have no idea about my stay i am asked
to stay allalong.but when i go home the next morning i perform the lastdays
sayamsandhi before that days prathassandhyavandhanam.
(this is being done by me as HH Shri Paravakottai Andavan advised not to miss
any sandhyavandhanams we can perform it next day also).my doubt is is there
any special manthram has to be added to that particular sandhyavandhanam which
is performed next day.please any one can clarify this.

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