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Sri HyaagrIva SthOthram : Part XXVIII--SlOkam 19-20

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Oct 01 2000 - 06:28:24 PDT

SrimathE RaamAnujAya nama:

Dear BhakthAs :

In the slOkams 17 and 18, Swamy Desikan
described the aanandhAnubhavam of those
who meditate on Lord HayagrIvan (RomAnjali and
Aanandha BhAshpam ). In slOkams 19-22,Swamy Desikan
prays to the Lord for the conferral of such soubhAgyam
on him . We will cover the slOkams 19 & 20
in this posting .

Swamy Desikan appeals to the Lord for the boon of
removal of Brahma Lipi ( talai Yezhutthu written by
BrahmA on his skull ) , which interferes with 
the fruition of his adoration of the Lord. He offers
afresh his salutations(prapatthi) at the powerful 
paadha Kamalams of Lord HayagrIvan and to the Veda dhvani 
arising from the anklets adorning those charaNa kamalams .

SlOkam 19 :How to secure LOrd HayagrIvan's anugraham ?

PrAngh nirmithAnAm tapasAm VipAkA:
  prathyagra nissrEyasa sampadhO mE
samEdhisheeran tava Paadha PadmE 
  Sankalpa chinthAmanaya: praNAmA:

(meaning): Oh Lord HayagrIvA ! It is not an
easy task to be blessed with the bhAgyam of 
your paadha sEvanam ( worship of His sacred
feet). One should have done austere tapas(penance)
in poorva janmams( previous births). When One worships 
Your sacred feet , One obtains the rarest of rare 
wealths (viz)., Moksha anugrham . Beyond that supreme
purushArtham , one can also be blessed with
other worldly bhOgams . Your sacred feet in 
this regard is like the ChinthAmaNi rathnam , 
which is said to confer all the blessings that 
one seeks from it.Oh Lord HayagrIvA ! Please 
bless me to have dhruva chinthanai (uninterrupted
meditation of Your holy PaadhAravindhams .

Swamy Desikan points out that the realization
of Moksha siddhi is a result of " prAngh-nirmithAnAm
TapasAm vipAka:"( the fruit of austere tapas 
performed in previous births ). This Moksha
Siddhi is described by Swamy Desikan as
" prathyagra nissrEyas ' or a wealth that was
not attained hitherto and which is obtained
from prapatthi at the lotus feet of the Lord .
Swamy desribes the rarest of the wealths that 
a human being can aspire for as "prathyagra-
nissrEyas" and compares those boon giving 
pair of lotus feet to  a rare chinthAmaNi rathnam
of a special kind (Sampadha: sankalpa ChinthAmaNaya:)

Overcome by the thought of the power of those
holy Thiruvadi , Swamy Desikan prays for 
the continous growth of bhakthi for those
redeeeming pavithra Padhams ( mE praNAma: 
tava Paadha padmE SamEdhiksheeran) to gain
Moksha Siddhi.Swamy Desikan points out 
that the PraNAmams , which really stands 
for the complete Prapatthi at the Lord's 
holy feet , will unquestionably secure 
Moksha Sukham (nissrEyas). 

Sri D.Ramaswamy Iyengar recalls the Periya
Thirumozhi passage(7.6.9): " Naanudait-tavatthAl
Thiruvadi adainthEn--" to remember that
it is His blessings that gets us to His
lotus feet. Regarding the Paadha kamamlams serving 
as the ChinthAmani gem conferring iha-para sukhams
(immai-maRumai sukhams) , Sri D.Ramaswamy Iyengar recalls
Swamy NammAzhwAr's aruLiccheyal (ThiruvAimozhi: 3.9.9):

"immaiyum saathitthu Vaanavar naatayum 
 nee kaNDu koLL yenRu Veedu tharum "

SlOkam 20: The Power of Lord HayagrIvan's PaadhAngri rENu

viluptha moordhanya lipi-kramANAm
 SurEndhra ChoodApadha lAlithAnAm
tvadhangri raajeeva raja: kaNAnAm 
 bhUyAn prasAdhO mayi NaaTa ! BhUyAth

(meaning): Oh Lord HayagrIva! It is said that
Brahma Devan encodes the lot in one's life 
on the skull at the time of birth (Brahma Lipi 
or Talai Yezhutthu ). The chEthanan's life 
is laid out in those instructions . Those lipis 
( aksharams written on the skull) interfere
with the pursuit of Moksha Sukham and 
the performance of Tapas that would qualify one 
to realize such a ParamAnugraham .The jeevan suffers 
from the cycles of births and deaths (SamsAram ).
MokshAnugraham recedes farther and farther. 
The incomparable power of the sacred dust
from Your lotus feet changes however the fate
of the Bhaddha jeevan .BrahmA and other DevAs
adorn the sacred dust from Your holy feet to
overcome their misfortunes. May the power of
those dust from Your sacred feet (PaadhAngri rENu) 
settle permanently on my head , erase the Braham
Lipis and bless me with Moksham .

The Brahma Lipi in general and the DuruksharANi
( inauspicious letters ) on the skull interfere
with one's paadha sEvanam (worship of the holy
feet ) of the Lord . Sri D.RamaswAmy Iyengar 
recalls the following  passage from Swamy NammAzhwAr's 
Periya ThiruvandhAthi ( paasuram 84) in this context:

" Vaazhthi Avanadiyaip punainthu ninn talayait-
  thAztthi iru kai koopenRAl koopAthu Paazhttha Vithi "

{ adiyEn's miserable fate will not permit me to
  praise Him , place with love flowers at His 
  sacred feet , bend my head before Him and allow
  me to have anjali-bhaddha hastham ( folding of 
  palms in a mood of supplication )} .

That indeed is the power of Lipi Kramams.
The dust particles from the Lord's sacred feet 
found on the top of the heads of DevAs and BrahmA
( SurEndhra ChooDApadha laalithAnam tvadh angri
raajeeva raja:kaNA )however have the total power 
to wipe out(erase) their ill effects and bless one 
with MokshAnugraham.

Swamy Desikan refers to this miracle performed 
by the sacred dust from the charaNAravindhams of
the Lord in DevanAyaka PanchAsath (slOkam 45 ) and
obiliquely in Srimath PaadhukA Sahasram ( slOkam 50).

In DevanAyaka PanchAsath slOkam , Swamy Desikan
wonders at the miracle of the instantaneous 
erasure of the bad letters etched by BrahmA's
own hand on one's skull ( Vedaha: svahastha 
likithAni DhuraksharANI ). Swamy Desikan is
moved by the miracle of the "Padha padma
paraka YOGAM " ( the union of the dust particle from
the sacred feet of the Lord with the bad letters 
written by BrahmA on one's skull) and their power
to destroy those bad letters immediately 
without the need to perform any YOGAM. 

(PraNavam) PrayOgAyaa nama:
(   "    ) SuchayE nama:
(   "    ) Kimchith karmAnukoolakAya nama:
(   "    ) anugrahAya nama:
(   "    ) ahEthuka prEmNE nama:
(   "    ) sOka vidhAyakAya nama:
(   "    ) Bhava Bheethi vidhAyakAya nama: 

Srimath Azhagiya Singar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam .
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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