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Periya Thirumozhi 10.9- "kavuL koNda neeraam ivaL enakkarudhuginRaayE"

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Sun Oct 01 2000 - 02:17:01 PDT

Srimathe Gopaladesika Mahadesikaya Namah:
Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

In the last ten, after a small “oodal” with KaNNan, and some time of 
togetherness, He has left. AzhwAr is in NayikA Bhavam and is suffering from 
pangs of separation. Her mother narrates this ten on her sufferings and 
appeals to the Lord.

1.	Oh My most helpful, merciful Swami! The demon looking Poothanai (sending 
shivers through the children who see her), came at midnight with a cunning 
heart, was killed; and also, You made sure that fire engulfs and eats the 
whole lankA city with its scorching flames. You are such strongest Lord. Is 
that the reason You are laying back, thinking that “my girl’s love” is like 
a small bowl in the hands of a toddler, that you can snatch away whenever 
You want, without not considering her love for You and others’ talking about 
(“pazhicchol”) her love (for You).

2.	Oh Thirumalai upakaarakanE! Oh Lord of vast, blue hued Ocean colour! You 
danced in the streets holding pots when You appeared as KaNNan; You fought 
with seven dark huge bulls and killed them; You protected the cattle and 
cowherd folks when angry DevEndran sent heavy down pour on aayarpaadi. 
Thinking of all such masculine strongest deeds of Yours, are You like this 
on my girl? Did You consider her just like the honey in that tree of 
drumstick grown in Your temple You can easily consume and You took away her 
bangles. I don’t know.

3.	Oh Lord of dark, black cloud colour!  Most beautiful One! During 
KrishNAvataar, You effortlessly killed the strong Kamsan and thinking of 
that strongest, victorious deed, are You like this on my girl.. About this 
girl, who wears most valuable ornaments- who herself is like the pearl 
necklace- who is like nectar that came of our of the vast ocean – so sweet- 
You appear to be thinking as if “she is like the stone ball of crude 
“jaggery” (karruppankaatti)  in Your Hand that can be eaten and enjoyed at 
any time or be thrown away too. (“ankaiyil vattaam ivaL enRu 

4.	You have given a potion of Your ThirumEni as place of residence for the 
braod shouldered, deer skinned Sivan; You had killed NarakAsuran with your 
strong Hand’s might. Thinking of those strong deeds, are You like this on 
her? You appear to have taken away the beautiful complexion of this girl- 
who has “sevvi” flowers on her hairs. But You have not shown Yourself to her 
even once. You appear to be thinking of her as if she is like a bow in the 
hands of Your devotees (servants) that You can take any time You feel like. 
Oh PoorNanE! What is the use of telling all this!

5.	 You sent those kings (who had never seen failure in their battle fields 
earlier) to heaven (the route to which was densely grown with grass and 
bushes since none was passing through that route), without even lifting a 
single weapon. Such was Your might and greatness. Is that why You did like 
this on this girl? Our darling, sweet, soft spoken girl, who wears the honey 
dripping garlands on her- You do not think of her greatness. You talk as if 
She is inferior to even the “naval pazham” ( a small black fruit) that has 
fallen on the street, which can be either taken in or ignored and she does 
not even deserve to be considered for a choice to take her or leave like the 
pazham (fruit). I do not know what is Your ThiruvuLLam. It is our paapam.

6.	You conquered the king of asurAs with Your single bow making the women of 
lankA widows. Then when PiraaTTi cam to join You, You did not even see Her, 
ignoring even Devas’ plea to You. Is that the reason why You are like this 
towards her? Not only did You take away the bangles from the hands of this 
girl, who has red “murukka” flower like mouth, You do not even show Yourself 
to her-not even once. Oh our most helpful Lord! Parama upakaarakanE! For a 
leaf of “yerukku”, which can automatically fall of after some time, why does 
one have to throw an axe to let it fall?

7.	You had the axe in Your Hand that cut the thousand shoulders of 
KaarthaveeryArjunan, the ruler of this world, surrounded by oceans, under 
whose feet, other strong kings fell. Due to such greatest strength of Yours, 
did You act like this one her? Is that why? You stole the beautiful 
complexion of my girl. Not even once, You show Yourself to her showing Your 
beautiful form and ThirumEni. Oh My Swami! The One who is like vast ocean! 
Why does one have to take a stick for an egg of a hen that can break by 

8.	You tore the strong body of HiraNyan with Your sharp nails and threw the 
body for the birds to eat merrily. Also when Sugreevan hid himself in 
Rishyamukha parvatham from vaali, You killed Vaali, taking pity on the good 
natured Sugreevan. Such strongest Lord- Is that why you are like this on 
her? You do not think of the greatness of this girl, who has large beautiful 
well spread eyes and who has curly tresses where bees hum always. To speak 
of what You think of her, it is as if You consider her like a saliva in 
one’s cheeks (or mouth). Either you can take it in or spit it out. (“kavuL 
koNda neeraam ivaL enakkarudhuginRaayE”)

9.	Fire, water, space, the vast earth, air- are all Your saRiram- and is 
that why You did like this on her? “This girl- who has the best qualities 
and nature- she is not for anyone else except Me” – is that Your ThiruvuLLam 
because of which You act like this? I must have committed a great paapam for 
me to lose this girl. This girl who is like the nectar that came out of 
ocean, You appear to be thinking as if she is the garden in the house of a 
Brahmin, who grooms agni at all times.

10.	Without desiring for the Bhagavath Vishayam that I seek, let it come due 
to His grace when he feels like giving, and with that intention, I surrender 
to his Feet performing Prapatti at His Feet. He is my Parama upakaarakan; 
most merciful Lord, SarvEshwaran, who wears Thirutthuzhaay garland on his 
Head. Kaliyan the king of Thirumangai, who pays his obeisance to such 
greatest SarvEshwaran, composes this ten. Those who recite them will be 
blessed with Paramabhakti in their hearts and be blessed with KaimkaryasrI.

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Narayana Narayana
AdiyEn NarayanadAsan madhavakkannan
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