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Re: Eight Righteous feelings

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Tue Nov 30 1999 - 19:20:36 PST

Swathy Prabhu asks:
> Dear ones across the net,
> 	I was reading Jnaneshwari, book on Bhagavad Gita by Saint
> 	Jnanadev. In one of its sections appears the following
> 	statement,
>           "Let there be placed on the feet of the worthy preceptor,
> 	   fully bloomed lotus having eight petals constituted of the
> 	   eight righteous feelings, laden with fragrance in the form 
> 	   of righteous joy."
> 	What are these eight righteous feelings the Author is referring
> 	to? May I request an explanation from my fellow netizens.

Dear Swathy,

I am not sure, but in all probability, this refers to the principles
enunciated by the following sloka, which is cited in Vatsya Varadacharya's
"Prapanna Paarijaata". This is one of my favorites:

ahimsA prathamam pushpam
  pushpam indriya-nigraha: 
sarva-bhUta-dayA pushpam
  kshamA pushpam viSeshata: |
jnAnam pushpam tapa: pushpam
  dhyAnam pushpam tathaiva cha 
satyam ashtavidham pushpam
  vishno: prItikaram bhavet ||

This sloka refers metaphorically to eight flowers which 
delight Vishnu:

   1. ahimsa - non-violence (love) first and foremost (prathamam)
   2. indriya-nigraha: - control of the senses
   3. sarva-bhUta-dayA - showing compassion to all living beings
   4. kshamA - tolerance/patience
   5. jnAnam - knowledge
   6. tapas - austerity
   7. dhyAnam - contemplative meditation
   8. satyam - truth

raamaanuja daasan,