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1999 Contrbutions to Sri Vaikunta EkAdasi Celebrations / Thiru AdhyayanOthsavam /NammAzhwAr Moksham : Part I

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Nov 30 1999 - 14:39:10 PST

Dear BhakthAs :
As Pramaathi ThiruadhyanOthsavam is approaching , adiyEn 
wondered as to what contribution adiyEn can make for this 
year's celebration of Pahal Patthu,Iraa Patthu , 
Sri Vaikunta EkAdasi and NammAzhwAr Moksham 
celebrations . 

It has been my bhAgyam in previous years to post 
a few articles on Sri Ranganatha Vaibhavam . These postings
on Lord RanganAthan of Srirangam and PomonA temple are archived
in the Bhakthi Archives of December 3,98 ( ThiruppANAzhwAr's 
anubhavam of Sri RanganAthA ), Dec 15, 98 ( Iraa Patthu ) ,
Sri Vaikunta EkAdasi MahAthmyam ( Dec 17, 23, 26, 1998) ,
Arayar Sevai ( Dec 29,30, 31, 1998) .

During March , April and May of 1998 , more than 24 articles 
on Sri Ranganaatha Tattvam were posted by adiyEn in anticipation of
the SamprOkshaNai during that summerof 1998. BhagavAn willed 
that this SamprOkshaNam ne postponed to July 2000 . The above
artices refer to the anubhavams of AzhwArs  , AchAryALs and 
NaadhOpAsakAs ( March 29,30, April 1-29 , 1998 and May 1-2, 98).

The 1999 adhyayanOthsavam is a prelude to the much anticipated 
SamprOkshaNai in the year 2000 . Sri Thirukkudanthai Sampath
Rengarajan is pouring his heart out and writing bhakthi laden 
krithis on Sri RanganAthan and is getitng started to
share with us his deep anubhavam of the uthsavams 
at Srirangam . AdiyEn will join with him and share with
you all a special tribute to the Lord of Srirangam that jas
taken the shape of an audio casette dealing with the Sri Sookthis
of Swamy Desikan , KonEri Appan Iyengar and PiLLai PerumAL 
Iyengar ( Azhagiya MaNavALa Daasar ). This will be complimentary 
to the AchArya RaamAnujA Interactive Multimedia CD ROM 
that will be distributed to BhakthAs during the festivities.
The production of the copies should be completed by  
the middle of this month to facilitate distribution 
to Sri Ranganaatha BhakthAs , who have supported this 
project .

The origin of this  90 minute audio tape owes its origin
to the special invited presentation at the Madras Music 
Academy some ten years ago . The invitation was for
my sister kaimkarya Sri VidvAmsini Srimathi Veeraraghavan
to give lecture demos on Tamizh paasurams of AchAryALs 
on Sri RanganaathA with special emphasis on Swamy Desikan's
Prabhandhams and sthOthrams as well as  108 divya desa anthAdhi of
PiLLai PerumAL Iyengar , the direct disciple of Parasara
Bhattar . I added some English commentaries to these 
paasurams sung in many beautiful RaagAs by my sister
and her sishyais .

AdiyEn will share with you nest the contents of this special 
tape assembled for this year's Thiru AdhyayanOthsavam 
celebrations . AdiyEn will entrust this tape with 
Sri Rengarajan for any appropriate use to help with
the ongoing efforts to raise funds to complete 
the construction of Sri RanganAthA temple at Pomona , NY 
and for us all to assemble together to receive the blessings
of the dhivya Dampathis during their ThirukkOil 
SamprOkshaNam in the first year of the next millenium .

DaasOham , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SadagOpan