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Re: caring for body: sAttvic?

From: sampath kumar (
Date: Mon Nov 29 1999 - 22:10:10 PST

--- wrote:
> Dear Bhagavatas
> > This question is quite relevant.
> People who are prepared to forego Sandhyavandanam
> would not like to give up > this. Because,
appearance "maketh the man"in a> society!
> There is another dimension to this issue. If the
> body is to be so despised, > the very institution of
"Grihastasramam" for the> purpose of begetting progeny

> will be taboo because this involves the most
> intimate "Sambandam of > Sareeras." But, our Sastras
lay down this Asrama as> a "Dharma" - > "Grihastasrama
Dharma"> There have been references that without this
body we> have acquired by Poorva > Punyam, we cannot
do any Bhakti or Prapatti or> observe any other chores
laid > down in the Sastras.
> Dasoham
> Anbil Ramaswamy

Dear Sriman Anbil,

How nicely you have explained things! Hats off!

adiyen is really thankful to you for explaining my
position in such a convincing fashion on my behalf.

adiyen was trying to say that the pursuit of
'sareera-shuddhi' (even 'sareera-soundaryam') need not
necessarily be always an un-"sAttvika" endeavour. In
fact it can positively promote "sAttvika" pursuits. 

Our dear AndAl-pirAtti we know as a young damsel spent
hours before the looking-mirror "beautifying" herself
for the sake of her divine beau, Ranganathan.
'Guru-parampara' records say that Parashara Bhattar
was one of the most handsome achAryas of his times in
SriRangam. His presence at the head of "gOshti-s"
during "utsavams", it seems, lent a certain air of
"vaideeka" "glamour" to the proceedings. The idols of
Sri.Ramanuja and Desikan clearly show them to have
been extraordinarily handsome.

Present day young boys and girls adiyen sees are all
truly conscious of their "looks". But adiyen believes
it is one way very good. In earlier generation of
adiyen's times it was horrible. At that time looking
"grimy", wearing long-hair, unshaven, smoking, and
generally appearing "sloppy" and looking like a "lousy
hippie" was considered to be height of fashion. It led
to very bad attitude later in life. adiyen believes
that it is that generation that has today caused the
ravage of the world's forests, rivers, air and
water... the Lord's great "sareeram" of Creation.

At least today's youngsters are not like that. They
take good care of their grooming. Their attitude
therefore is much better. adiyen is sure that in good
time when they mature and become wiser in life their
"atma-s" will receive the same care and attention that
their "sareeram" received in youth.

This is what adiyen meant by saying that the "care of
the body" is also, in a certain sort of way, truly

Unfortunately some members misunderstood. adiyen is
very sorry to have replied to them a little sharply.


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