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Re: Are you a True Sri Vaishnavite?
Date: Mon Nov 29 1999 - 08:12:24 PST

Thanks a lot Smpath for your reply.

Also can you please describe the activities one has to do
1. In the afternoon
2. In the evening
3. In the night

4. Any regular penance that one has to follow apart from doing Ekadasi? If
so please
describe the procedures to do them.

5. Do days of the week matter? ( for example on Monday some say you have to
do this on
Monday, Tuesday this and so on... )

6. If there are Apacharams done (Bhagavata, Bhaagavat) are there any set of
apart from repenting before God  and Acharya, that one has to do?
Basically are there
any guidelines to getting rid of Sanchita Karma and take care such that
Aagami Karma
does not bother you?

7. In this world of Double-Starndards (may be triple or even more) when
people are trying
to play games and politics with you and you cannot hurt them as you are not
bought up
that way, what is the true thing that a Sri Vaishnavite should do, apart
from praying God to
correct their behavior.

If this Daily Timetable for Srivaishnavites ( Dinacharya ) with all the
rules, regulations and
their inner spiritual meaning are made available on the
that would be great!

Kind Regards,
Raghu Ramanuja Dasaha