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Karthigail Karthigai

From: V.Gunaseelan (
Date: Mon Nov 29 1999 - 07:48:17 PST


	Srimathe Ramananujaya namaha
	Sri Varavara muniye namaha
I would like share some sweet memories (before I could forget) about the 
Celebration of Thirumangai Alwar's tirunakshatram at Thiruvali 
Thirunagari... By His blessings I had an  opportunity to go to Thirunagari 
for this Utsavam and I was there on 23rd of this month and right below I 
list down the activities of the Utsavam on that day..

Morning 7-8 am - Mangalasasanam at Vayalali Manavalan's sannidhi (Thooviria 
Malarozhuki pasuaram)
             8.30 am - Thiruther (Madal and ThiruvezhukooruIrrukai and 
Peria Thirumozhi on Veedi)
            10.30     - Theerthavari
 Eve       5.00 pm-  Thirumanjanam
24th Mo   2.00am - Saathumurai -(Thiruvoimozhi  -Muniye,
                                                   Kanninun Siruthambu,
                                                  Peria Thirumozhi - 
Anrayar Kula
                                                  Ramanusa Noorranthathi _ 
                                                  Vazhi Thirunamam,
                                                  Annaitha Velum - You have 
to see literally how Alwar adores himself for this Pasuram Its really
   excellant piece by MM )

Other things - Mainly for Saathumurai the Thaligai is really big and I 
personally had an opportunity to do the kainkaryam due to His blessings and 
its talk about 8 kalam Dhathiyortharnam, 3 kalam Puliyotharai, 1 (think) 
Venpongal, Sarkarai pongal, Thenkozhlal, Appam, Sheera etc... I think the 
way in which Alwar enjoys the thirupavadai is excellent..
If I am went too long sorry this is due to my involvement.. Let me request 
the bakthi list members to visit and enjoy and get His blessings....I don't 
know if some one was already over there ...

I am also intended to post one more question to this forum.. Can I know why 
we are not having any Prabanda sevai during the Ananthyanam period , even 
Pallandu was not recited.. Can some earned members explain me including the 
history of it..


Alwar Archariyar Emperumanar Thiruvadigale Saranam