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Re: Are you a True Sri Vaishnavite?

From: Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan (
Date: Mon Nov 29 1999 - 05:22:51 PST

Dear Sampath:

That was a very nice reply.


>From: sampath kumar <>
>Subject: Re: Are you a True Sri Vaishnavite?
>Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 04:02:31 -0800 (PST)
>--- wrote:
> > Hi,
> > Can you please list all the necessary and
> > important daily things that a so called
> > Sri Vaishnavite has to do in order to truly
> > become one?
> >
> > Thanks
> > Raghu Ramanuja Dasaha
>Very good question. And something which all
>SriVaishnavas must ask themselves periodically and
>What a SriVaishnavan must do daily is listed in works
>like "SriVaishnava dinasari" written by our great
>"AchAryA-s" like Swami Desikan and others. Every
>Vaisnavan will read it and try to follow it as
>religiously as possible with utmost faith.
>Given the travails of modern life we may not all have
>the "sakthi" to follow everything that the "achAryas"
>have laid down. But in adiyEn's humble view the
>following would be the bare minimum of things that a
>Vaishnavan will do in a day:
>(1) Wake up as early as possible in the morning and
>utter first "Hari, Hari" and if possible the verse
>from the "tiruppAvai" beginning
>(2) Have bath quickly and perform "sandhyAvandanam"
>with at least 10 "gayatri" japam with deep respect for
>the devata who is our true mother. This must be done
>(3) If one has had "samAshrayanam" then one must do
>"tirmantra" or "dwaya" mantra japa as taught by one's
>achAryan. This must be done quietly and with full
>faith at least 10 times.
>(4) Offer at least 2 pieces of fruit (banana or apple
>or some such thing) to the family idol of "perumAl".
>This offering must be made lovingly and with utmost
>(5) Recite a few "achArya tanians" (whatever few you
>(6) Recite "Vishnu-sahasranAmam" loudly and clearly.
>(7) Stand before the Lord in your puja room and shed a
>few genuine tears. Without shame ("vekkam") but filled
>with deeply-felt remorse cry out silently to the Lord
>that due to your "agnyAnam" and "a-sakthi" you are
>unable to offer "perumAl" anything other than your
>tears by way of obesiance or "kainkaryam" otherwise
>set out in the sAstras for a true Vaishnavan. Beseech
>the Lord's compassion and forgivance. Prostrate 4 or
>10 times before "perumAl" and say,"Lord, please grant
>me the strength and good sense, like you have today,
>to fall at Your feet like this every other day in my
>life and beg for your grace and protection knowing yet
>fully that I am utterly undeserving of both".
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