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Mumookshapadi -Thirumantra Prakaranam Part-III
Date: Mon Nov 29 1999 - 01:11:16 PST

Respected Members Of Bakthi List,

In  the last post, it was mentioned that out of 3 Vyapaka
Narayana Saptham  is most superior, We will see how that is substantiated
in Mumookshapadi:


11. Due to its importance, Thirumantram is considered as the  Maha Mantram.

12. Other Two Vyapaka Mantras(viz, vasudevan,Vishnu) have two drawbacks.

The drawabacks mentioned are

a. Apoorthi-Incompleteness .

The term Vishnu is Incomplete in one sense that it explains only his
Vyapthi(omni presence) but not his Kalyana gunas
Similarly, The term Vasudevan implies that everything in Him(Sarvam
Vasathi) . it however, does not describe his Kalyana Gunas.

b. Achista Parigraham- the other two mantras are supported by advaitis  who
have  not comprehended  God's real nature and hence it is a  drawback.

But  Narayana Saptham describes Bhagavan's Svarupam,Roopam and Kalyana
gunas.  and  hence the most superior.

13. This Maha mantra was liked by Vedas,Rishis,Azhwars and acharyas.

14.The Name of the Lord is considered more important  than the Lord Himself

15. Even if the Lord is away, His Mantram would be with the prapanna and
protect him.

16.It is like how Draupadi was saved by Sri.Krishna when he was away at

(Reference here is made to a Mahabharatam episode happened at Hastipuram.
When Draupadi called
"Dwaraka Nilaya Achutha" and surrendered to him, God helped her while he
was actually at far  Dwaraka.)

17.even if Thirumantram is chanted without any  adherence to the Kramam, it
would be still beneficial.

(While Chanting any Mantras, there are some niyamams and procedures without
adherencing  which it will not bestow any benefit.
Thirumantram , however,  even if it chanted without any adhearence to any
niyamam, it would give all the benefits)

So what Benefis it bestows?

We will discuss that in the next post.

sri Pillai Lokachar Thiruvadigale Saranam



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