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Satvika AhamkAram 4.08: "LOOK! MY WORK IS EQUAL TO VEDAS!"
Date: Sun Nov 28 1999 - 11:33:43 PST

SwAmi VedAnta Desika's "NaichyAnusanthAnam"
and "SAtvika AhamkAram"
(as gleaned from his StOtras)
Part 4. SAtvika AhamkAram
Dear Bhagavatas
Your kind attention is invited to the Introduction to this Part posted on 
21st November 99 to appreciate this posting better and in the proper 
(Anbil Ramaswamy)
Satvika AhamkAram 4.08:  "LOOK! MY WORK IS EQUAL TO VEDAS!"
ithi vihitham udhAram VenkaTEsEna bhakthyA
sruthi subhagam idham yah: StOtram angee karOthi /
kari sikhari viTanka sthAyinah: kalpa vrikshAth
bhavathi phalam asEsham thasya hasthApasEyam //
(VaradarAja PanchAsath SlOkam 51)

"This StOtra called "VaradarAja PanchAsat" was composed by me with great 
devotion. (vEnkaTEsEna vihitham bhakthyA)

This contains deep thoughts (udhAram) pleasing to the ears of those who 
listen (sruthi subhagam)

It is equal to Vedas themselves. 
Whatever benefit one hopes to expect on reciting the VEdas, one can enjoy by 
reciting this StOtra.  (yah: StOtram angeekarOthi)

It will grant whatever one desires like the famous Kalpaka tree that stands 
atop the mansion of Hastigiri 
(kari sikhari viTanka sthAyinah:+ kalpa vrikshAth+phalam asEsham)

You can reap benefits "here and now" and "hereafter too" as easily as a tree 
with branches bending so low towards you so that you can pluck the fruits 
with your bare hands without any effort. (Tasya HasythApasEyam)

So, recite this StOtra and enjoy the benefits"

In this StOtra, SwAmi's SAtvika AhamkAram reaches a new high since he equates 
this StOtra to the very Vedas themselves.

>From where does he derive this courage to do so?
He made SaraNAgathi with MahAviswAsam to Lord VaradarAja and, therefore, 
seems to exude absolute confidence and supreme elation in having secured 
Moksham thereby-a MOksham that could be comprehended only by a study of  the 

Out of boundless compassion for us, he exhorts us to "Save Our Souls" by 
following him and provides this StOtra for the emancipation of those of us 
who are incapable of  such a study of the VEdas
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