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Karthikai Elephant festival
Date: Thu Nov 25 1999 - 21:53:39 PST

Dear Bhagavaths,

One Karthikai festival, I  recollect is Yaanai Pandigai (elephant festival).
On this festival, a mannu yaanai(clay elephant) is hand made with kari 
(charcoal bits) eye and along with brass or silver elephant is kept and 
worshipped. Fresh grass, coconut bits, vellam and appam are offered. The 
elephants are worshipped for few days and the clay elephant is left out 
around plantain or some other vegetation. On this occassion, kadambam bath 
and curd rice are offered as
prasadam.  I have heard that this festival is popular only in Karnataka. 
During wedding, one of the items given is a metalic elephant, which will be 
displayed with the Mannu Yaanai during Karthikai Yaanai Pandige. Of course 
all through Karthikai month we used to keep oil clay lamps in front of the 
house (like during Deepawali).


Koti Sreekrishna Tatachar