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nAcciyAr tirumozhi X - kArkkODal pUkkAL 4

From: Kalyani Krishnamachari (
Date: Thu Nov 25 1999 - 12:43:28 PST

      SrI ANDAL samEta SrI rangamannAr tiruvaDigaLE

             nAcciyAr tirumozhi X - kArkkODal pUkkAL
        pASuram 10.4 (tenth tirumozhi - pAsuram 4
mullaip pirATT)

 mullaik koDiyE! avar Sol poyyO?

mullaip pirATTi!  nI un muRuvalgaL koNDu emmai
 allal viLaiviyEl Azhi na'ngAi! un aDaikkalam
kollai arakkiyai mUkku arindiTTa kumaranAr
 Sollum poi AnAl nAnum pirandamai poi anrE

A. Meaning from SrImAn SaDagOpan's tamizh treatise:

Oh mullaip pirATTi!  Do not torture me with your
which remind me of emperumAn's beautiful white teeth!
Please spare me this torture, and for this, I fall at
feet!  The words of kOdaNDapANi who disfigured the
nose of
SurpaNakai when she exceeded her limits have become
in my case.  He has declared that He will never
anyone who has even made the pretense of approaching
in a spirit of friendship, and this has not become
to be true that my association with the great
periAzhvAr as
His daughter is going to help me in realizing Him

B. Additional thoughts from SrI PVP :

mullaip pirATTi:  just as one might be tempted to
praise a
wayside burglar in high terms just to escape from
godai is praying to mullai, which is torturing her by
reminding her of His beautiful teeth.

ANDAL had just been tortured by the kOvai by being
of His beautiful red lips, and now the mullai is
following suit.
She appeals to the mullaip pirATTi:  "Instead of
me who just barely escaped from the kOvai, is it fair
that you
take your turn in torturing me?"  SrI kRshNasvAmi
svAmi interprets kOvai alternately as referring to a
string of
torturers, viz. kArkkODal flowers, mEl tOnRi flowers,
kOvai fruits, etc.

emmai: "I have already been totally depleted by all
previous encounters with the kArkkoDal, mEl tOnri,
kOvai, etc.
Do you need to further drain me by torturing me even
allal viLaiviyEl:   allal is translated as distress; 
is the stage where she is now feeling helpless and
"vAyum Sivandu kanindu uLLe vENpal ilagu"-
tiruvAimozhi 8-8-1;
the beautiful, white mullai flowers remind godai of
the white
teeth of emperumAn inside His pavaLac cevvAi and this
is pushing
her to a state of total helplessness and she is

Azhi na'ngAi: godai is going to refer to the ocean in
ninth pASuram; so here Azhi should not be taken as a
direct reference to the ocean, but as an adjective for
mullai being majestic like the ocean. "Since you have
gAmbhIryam or majesty resembling that of the ocean,
you be helping those like me who beseech you for your

Azhi also means a wheel or a circle; mullaik koDi's
blossom in a circle, and Azhi na'ngAi can be also
to refer to this beautiful formation when the mullai

un aDaikkalam:  It is said that anyone who is of good
should protect even with his life an enemy who has
out of fear for his life or otherwise -
"ari: prANan parityajya rakshitavya: kritAtmanA"

Will the mullaik koDi, which has no brain to
understand godai's
pleas and which is anyway torturing her, be able to
protect her?
When the rAkshasis requested protection from sItA
pirATTi, She
offered them abhayam even though they were still full
of enmity
towards her, just because they uttered the word
So Godai thinks that her mere mention of the word
is sufficient to make the recipient of this request,
endowed with brain or otherwise, listen to her plea.

kollai arakkiyai:   The rAkshasi who violated the
Instead of trying to reach perumAL through the
purushakAratvam of
pirATTi, SurpaNakA tried to reach Him on her own by
pirATTi; thus she violated the norm, and this is what
led to
her being meted out the punishment by Lord rAma.

mUkkarindiTTa: "He punished SUrpaNakA who stood in the
of His embracing sItA who knew none but Him;  but now,
is sending several things to destroy me, who knows
none but Him".

kumaranAr: His yauvanam or youth is such that even
SUrpaNakA got insulted by Him, she praised rAma's
when she described her sorrowful encounter with Him
rUpasampannau" rAmAyaNam AraNya KaNDam 19-14).  It is
as though
she was considering the blood marks on her nose in par
the nail marks that the nAyaki may have on her body
being with her beloved.

Sollum poi AnAl: "He is known to remove all obstacles
may arise when a devotee wants to reach Him; in my
He is not removing the obstacles for some reason. 
Even if He
is not removing the obstacles, at least He need not
have given
me His word, and reneged on them.  Now it looks like
even His
words are not coming true".

poi AnAl: godai does not really suspect that His words
become untrue;  but in her case, because of her
misfortune, she
suspects that they may become false just in her case.

nAnum pirandamai poi anrE: In our sampradAyam, AcArya
bhAgavata sambandham etc.,  are sure to lead to the
of bhagavAn.  Godai has the great sambandham of
periAzhvAr.  So
she had expected that she was sure to attain Him. 
she has now seen for herself that the words of
Himself have not come true.  Having seen this herself
in her
case, she is beginning to wonder if her association
periAzhvAr may not also lead to the expected result.

C. Additional thoughts from SrI UV:

SrI UV continues to present his anubhavam of godai
more and more humble as time passes.   Earlier, she
she was afraid and then she felt she had shamelessly
He could not live without her.  Now she is declaring
needs aDaikkalam. She looks at everything that
emperumAn has
created, with great respect.

un mURuval allal viLaiviyEl:  "Your smile reminds me
emperumAn's smile; this causes great pain; please
don't cause
this pain, but instead, unite me with my emperumAn and
this pain of mine".

Azhi na'ngAi: "Instead of taking loud or laughing
loud, you are
showing your sweet smile majestically, which is
commendable.  The
whole vine is covered with lots and lots of your
flowers and
you look like a nangai, who is clothed with flower

kollai arakki: There are good rAkshasi-s who stay
within the
constraints of their house, and then there are those
who are just
out of control like SurpaNakA who roam around wherever
they want as
they wish.  She is "kollai arakki" in this sense.

SrI UV gives another explanation: kol arakki - kollum
arakki (rAkshashi who kills), or kollappaDa vENDiya
- rAkshashi who deserved to be killed.

ANDAL is wondering aloud:  He did not kill even this
"kol arakki", and spared her because she was a woman;
in my case, even this does not seem to matter!

Note that the chain of thought SrI U.V. is developing
that ANDAL who was antagonistic to whatever she saw
is now turning around and is being friendly with
everything that
is His creation.  For those who are devoted to His
including pirATTi, when they get angry with Him for
whatever reason,
it does not last too long.  Also, it is only natural
that when
too many obstacles are encountered in achieving
something, we
tend to become submissive to get what we want.

sarvam SrIman nArAyaNAyEti samarpayAmi.

kalyANi kRshNamAcAri

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