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From: Srimahavishnu Vinjamuri (
Date: Thu Nov 25 1999 - 06:16:28 PST

---dear bhagavatas,

namaskaram. recently i have read an article in The Hindu by smt prema nandakumar
on kaisika ekadasi and its importance in SV temples, in which smt prema refers to
sri krishna deva raya's telugu work amukta malyada. I would like to write something about this
great work.

as we know, Amukta mAlyadA is the telugu/sanskrit equivalent of SOOdikkoduttha nAcchiyAr.
after defeating gajapatis of orissa, krishna devaraya worshipped perumals en route starting from simhachalam.
he worshipped andhra mahavishnu of srikakulam, krishna dist. which place was
once capital of satavahana kingdom. now the lord is known as srikakulesan.
and also andhra vishnu, a very beautiful emberuman with discus in left hand.

sri kirshna devaraya stayed for a night at srikakulam and lord andhravishnu
appeared in his dream and ordered him to write a poem in telugu on how he got married to godai
. He also asked him to dedicate it to Him at Thirumalai as Lord andhravishnu
is none other than thiruvengadatthaan.

as per th divyaajnai of lord andhravishnu, srikrishnnadevaraya(SK) wrote
Amukta malyada in telugu. in this work, he also included khAndikya kESidhwaja samvAdam
of vishnu puranam (in which one of the two kings teaches the other ashtanga margam to reach parabrahman), alavandar charitam, periyalwar charitam and also
that of a great devotee born in a low caste whom he calls mala dasari and whose
charitam is remembered on the day of kaisika ekadasi.

this work is very beautiful and has the longest sanskrit samAsam in all indian languages
other than sanskrit.

SK belongs to the disciplic succession of srimad vedanta deiskar. his acharyan was 
sri tatacharyulu swami. inspired by manavala mamunigal, he named the eight famous poets
in his court as ashta diggajas.


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