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sharadah shatam
Date: Mon Nov 22 1999 - 20:46:37 PST

Dear Bhagavathas,

I like to share this Fall season message (even for those who live in 
Fall-less places)!

Fall or Autumn can be looked upon as a process of undressing by Mother 
Nature. Likewise Spring as the process of dressing.
Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma)has attached deeper significance to Fall.
The trees with fresh leaves start in Spring and assimilate all through the 
Summer and look bountiful. When Fall arrives, they let go this bounty, in 
such a majestic and graceful manner (all the wonderful color changes covering 
almost every hue one can imagine). There is an important message for us here:

We are born, just like those Spring tender leaves. We should carefully 
assimilate all the goodies to the fullest of OUR abilities (yatHa shakti, 
yatHa ruci), just like those trees that assimilate and become fruitful  (make 
hay while the Sun shines) and when the time comes let go that assimilated 
treasure/position gracefully (not like the way most of us grudgingly send our 
taxes to IRS in April), just like those trees that drop off the very same 
leaves that nourished the fruits, making ground for the next batch.

 We didn't make this world we only use this world to earn whatever 
(Power/strength, knowledge, wealth) and we should let that go for the good of 
the world. This is our obligation for this wonderful world and our Maker we 
take for granted!

The Vedic mantras  are full of reverence and reference to Fall (Sharad).
Everyday,  gazing at the bright Sun, a  Vedic seeker utters:
Let me live a hundred autumn
(Jeevema sharadahshhatam)
Let me see a hundred autumn
(Pashyema sharadahshhatam)
Modama Sharadahshatam
(Let me enjoy a hundred autumn)
ShriNavama sharadahshhatam
(Let me hear a hundred autumn)
Ajeethasyama sharadahshhatam
(Let me live invincible  a hundred autumn)

Importance given to Autumn season can also be seen in the wedding vow. A very 
important symbol of Hindu marriage is Mangal sutra (auspicious yellow thread) 
that is tied by the bridegroom around the neck of bride like a garland. While 
doing this, bride groom says:
 oh! The auspicious bride, you live a hundred autumn. I am tieing this thread 
which is a symbol of my life. 
(Mangalyam tantu naanena
Mama jeevan hetuna.
KanTe badhnaami subhage
tvamjeeva sharadahshhatam).

To mark the Autumn season, we have many festivals. We have , Dussarah 
(Navarathri), Deepavali, Skanda Shashti, Karthigai (Karthik month)  
festivals, culminating in Bhagavadgita Jayanthi and Vaikunta Ekadashi. Fall 
festivals are common in different traditions and cultures around the world.  
In the U.S., we  have Halloween, Thanksgiving followed by Christmas season. 
Besides, I am sure many of you had some kind of a Fall Fling at your school.
Let us RAISE ourselves to the message of the FALL season!


K. Sreekrishna Tatachar