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Date: Sun Nov 21 1999 - 16:48:40 PST

SwAmi VedAnta Desika's "NaichyAnusanthAnam" 
and "SAtvika AhamkAram"
(as gleaned from his StOtras)
Part 4. SAtvika AhamkAram 
(Anbil Ramaswamy)
SAtvika AhamkAram - 4.00: An Introduction
Dear Bhagavatas

I believe that ONLY SwAmi Desika and AchAryas like him are entitled to don 
this "SAtvika AhamkAram" in view of their extreme devotion to the Lord having 
gone beyond the stages of "Para Bhakti", "Para GnAnam" and "Parama Bhakti" 
and who have bequeathed to us their prolific works  for our emancipation.

SwAmi Desikan exudes a sense of supreme satisfaction on the completion of his 
StOtras, having realized the ultimate beatitude underlying his efforts.

It will be seen that most of the SlOkas in this mood are found at the end of 
the respective StOtras and are in the nature of "Phalasruthi".

Out of his infinite compassion for us, SwAmi invites us to recite the 
respective StOtras so that we could also enjoy the same beatitude, as a fruit 
thereof (phala).

We, poor mortals, can at best admire his "Naichya AnusanthAnam", "SAtvika 
AhamkAram"etc. With our ambience, it would be a great achievement for us even 
if we are able to shed our "Aham kAram" and "Mama kAram" of the adverse kind 
in which we are irretrievably immersed.

In thus experiencing our "Naichya AnusanthAnam", we should strive to emulate 
our glorious AchAryas who did this-
 Not merely in letter but also in spirit!
 Not merely in word but also in meaning!
 Not merely as a formality but also in reality!
 Not merely as lip-served but also as heart-felt!
 Not as an act of exhibition but as one of true inhibition! 
 Not attempting to ingratiate but to receive grace 'ex-gratia'

May our AchAryas bless us with all the above, so that we may really deserve 
their KaTaksham!

Anbil Ramaswamy
AhankAram 4.01: "I AM THE LION!" will follow