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AdiyEn's DhaNdavath PraNAmams to our AchArya Saarvabhouma on His blessed Thirunakshathram day : Part I

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Nov 19 1999 - 18:44:07 PST

SrimathE Lakshmi Nrusimha ParabrahmaNE Nama :
SrimathE RaamAnujAya nama : 
SrimathE NigamAntha MahA GuravE nama :
SrimathE Sri LakshmI Nrusimha Divya PaadhukhA sEvaka
Sri VaNN SatakOpa Sri NaarAyaNa Yathindhra MahA DesikAya nama:

Dear Sri Matam SishyAs and BhAgavathAs :

On this PramAthi Kaarthikai , Sukla Paksha EkAdasi( Kaisika 
EkAdasi) dinam , when  UtthirattAthi Constellation in ascendance ,
on this auspicious Friday , adiyen prostrates across the oceans
at the sacred feet of asmathAchAryan and offer this salutation .
AdiyEn will join with Thirukkudanthai Sri Rengarajan in
offering my birthday salutations .
Sri U . Ve. VidvAn PaiyampADi ChEtlur Vaa. SrivathsAngAchAr 
Swamy in his "Maanrusimham PrapdhyE " slOkams describes 
the glory of Sri MaalOlan this way :

andham tamO yadh udayAth praLayam prayAthi
  praj~nA parAthma vishayE parinishtithA cha 
mAyAmayAhigaralam vyapagacchathi dhrAk
  tamm Maanrusimham Inamadhya gatham PrapadhyE 

(Meaning) : Lord Narasimhan is the one at the center 
of Soorya MaNDalam . With His udhayam (aavirbhAvam ),
the deep and dark shadows of aj~nAnam and ViparItha 
Jn~Anam disappear . With His udayam , the poisonous
snake known as samsAram leaves one's mind and body.
With His udayam , every one's  mind and intellect
get rooted in Him , the Lord , who is never separated 
from MahA Lakshmi .

Srimadh VedamArga PrathishtApanAchArya Parama Hamsa 
ParivrAjakAchArya , Sri Bhagavadh RaamAnuja SiddhAntha 
nirdhAraNa Saarvabhouma , Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha divya PaadhukhA
Sevaka , SrivaNN SatakOpa Sri NaarAyana YathIndhra
MahA DesikAcharyan is the peetadhipathi of the Sri Sannadhi
and the santhathi of the Fourty four Jeeyars , who have 
performed unique AarAdhanam for MaalOlan for more than 
six hundred years. 

This great 45th AchAryan presiding over the golden age of 
his reign is celebrating his Thirunakshathram
today . His birth star is the glorious UttharattAthi .

The Nakshathra Devathai for UtthirattAthi is Ahir Budhnyan .
Although Ahirbudhnyan is recognized traditionally as Rudran ,
there are references in Sri BhAshyam to Ahirbudhnyan as 
Sriman NaarAyaNan from the etymology , "BudhnE mulE Bhava:"
or Jagath KaaraNa BhUthan , who therefore can not be any body 
but Sriman NaarAyaNan . The Nakshathram after UtthirattAthi is 
Revathi , whose nakshathra devathai is PooshA (Sooryan ).
Thus connecting UtthirattAthi with the next nakshathram ,Revathi ,
one can take the liberty to visualize our AchAryan as 
Sriman NaarayaNa SvarUpi in the middle of Aadithya MaNDalam .
Here , we are referring to our AchAryan's aprAkrutha Tejas 
born out of Jn~Ana VirAgya AnushtAna sampath .Revathi following 
UtthirattAthi is also the birth star of Sri RanganAthA . 
Thus the AchAryan and EmperumAn are tightly linkable .

The three Veda manthrams used in the homam (Aajya AahUthi) 
for UtthirattAthi ( PrOshtapadham ) according to Sri U.Ve.
Veeravalli GhanapAti BhAshya MaNi DesikAchAr Swamy of
VaduvUr are :

ahayE bhudhniyAya SvAhA 
PrOshtapadhEbhya: svAhA 
PrathishtAyai svAhA  

Sriman DesikAchAr Swamy has pointed out that the first
manthram is for the Nakshathra Devathai for UtthtirattAthi.
The second one is for the Nakshathram ( PrOshtapadham ) 
itself and the last one is for BhumI Devior PrathishtA ,
who is firm and stable . If we look now at the UttirattAthi
and those , who are lucky enough to be born under it , they are
flanked by Ahirbhudhnya-NaarAyaNan on one side and His divine
consort BhUmi Piraatti on the other side . Any one born under
this star should then be the selva piLLai of the Dhivya
(SaraNya) Dampathis and will have every auspiciousness 
associated with them . That is the glory of our revered 
AchAryan , whose Thirunakshathram we are celebrating today .

Our AchAryan's birth month is Kaarthikai , the month 
that is holy because of that being the  birth month 
of Kaliyan and ThiruppANAzhwAr as well as that of
HH the DevanArviLAgam Jeeyar . All of them like our
Prakruthm Azhagiya Singar are known for their deep
attachment to ArchA mUrthys of the dhivya desams .
Therefore by birth nakashathram and the birth month ,
asmathAchAryan has illustrious connections to AzhwArs
and AchAryALs . That  great (mahitha) AchArya (Sadhguru)
santhathi is celebrated in one of the sthuthis of 
Sri Matam Sishyar , U.Ve.VidhvAn PazhavEri Chakravarthi 
GopalachArya Swamy of Thiruppathi this way :

NaarAyaNAkhya YathisEkara Maanrusimham 
aanamya tathkrutha mahOpakruthI: sadhApi
  chitthE dhadhath sukruthishu prathasE krutha~jna: 

(Rough Meaning): Oh the tilakam among Yathis ! Oh 
Azahgiyasingar belonging to a great AchArya paramparai ! 
By saluting You and receiving the great blessings 
through that salutation , we shall consider ourselves 
first and foremost as MahA BhAgyasAlis and with depth
of gratitude , we will treasure You in our mind always .

I will conclude this first special posting on 
the greatness of our AchAryan on His Thirunakshathram day 
with two slOkams from the Sthuthi Padhya MaalA composed by
U.Ve.VidhvAn PazhavEri SatakOpAchArya Swamy :

Yaj~nOpaveetha vilasath kamanIya GhAthram
  Srimath thridhanDa vilasath kamanIya PaaNim 
ChUDA visesha parikarmitha Seershavantham
  NaaRAyaNAkhya YathisEkaram AasrayAma:

This slOkam is very similar to Swami Desikan's
adoration of the majestic svarUpam of yathirAjA .
The meaning of this slOkam is as follows :

" AdiyEn takes refuge at the sacred feet of 
Sri NaarAyaNa Yathi srEshtar , whose body 
is shining with the sacred thread  and whose hand 
is radiant with the thridhaNdam and whose 
head after the ritual of tonsure has the 
majestic sikhai .

In another slOkam ,PazhavEri Swamy salutes 
the great scholarship of HH Sri NaarAyana 
YathIndhra MahA Desikan and recognizes that
Sri LakshmI Nrusimhan is sitting in the middle
of His Aaradhakar's tounge ( Yasmin JihvAgra 
Madhyaa Vasathi Narahari:). He goes on to say :

Sri BhashyArhta VivEchanE pravachanE cchAthrOpadEsakramE
KhyAtha: tattva HithArttha nirNaya Vidhou nisseema Vaag Vaibhava:
pruthvyAm samsruthi maarga samsritha jana thrANAya thApAdhikAn
samskArAn rachayan asou Yathipathi: jEjeeyathAm sarvadhA

(Meaning ): This king of Yathis excels in the intrepretation
of Sri Bhaashyam as well as Saasthra UpadEsams ; He is
a marvel at determining the inner meanings of Tattvams
and Hitham and his glorious upadEsams on them are unparalleled.
May this AchArya Saarvabhouman , who performs pancha SamskAram 
and Prapatthi to the people of the world stuck in the cruel
samsAram  and saves them from these aflictions live forever
and everywhere !

In the next posting , adiyEn will translate the moving
tribute paid in Sanskrit to HH Prakrutham Jeeyar by
another great Scholar , Sri U.Ve. VidhvAn ChEtlUr
SrivathsAngAcchAr Swamy in his " Sri SwAmi Prasasthi "
composed in 1996 .

Asamath AchAryan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil Varadachari Sadagopan