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Mumookshapadi- Thirumatra prakaranam -part1
Date: Wed Nov 17 1999 - 05:16:55 PST

Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:
  Sri Venkata Gurave Nama:

Respected Members of Bakthi list,

During last two posts, an attempt was made to give brief introduction to
>From the current post, we will explore Thirumantra Prakaram.

At first, Let us pray to the lotus feet of Swami Pillai Lokachar.

Lokacharya Gurave krishnapadasya sunave|
Samsara bhogi santhvashte jeeva jeevatha: Nama||


(I pray to Sri.Pillai Lokachariar, the illustrious son of Vadakku
thiruveedhi pillai,
 who is the antidote for the jeevathmas who are affected by the snakebite,
called samsaram)

1.Mumookshu needs to know 3 rahasyams
(A jeevan which gets repeated births due to its ignorance, should know 3
important rahasyams)

2.out of that 3, the most important being, Thirumantram.
(Other two are Dvayam and sarama Slokam


Why Thriumantram is considered most important?

Thirumantram reveals the real svarupam of the jeevans which are :

1. Ananya Seshatvam ? Servitude Only to Sriman Narayanan
2. Ananya Saranathvam ? No other person than Sriman Narayana for surrender
3. Ananya Bhogyatvam ? Has no other happiness or entertainment except His

In view of this, Thirumantram acts as the building block for other
rahasyams viz., Dvayam and Sarama Slokam and hence Thirumantram is
 the most important rahasyams out of the three.

4. This should be recited with devotion and affection.

 Note: this is Veda Saram. One should understand its importance while
 It should be recited in such a way that it does not reach the ears of
those who are disinterested in it.

5. To get the full benefit of recitation, one should

a.   Get interest and devotion in this Mantram

b.   recite with devotion and affection to its subject, who is the Bhagavan

c.   should think with gratitude the acharyan who has instructed this

In the Next post, we will explore, how Thirumantram came in to this  world.



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