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Manavaala Maamunigal tirunakshatram day was celebrated at the Livermore
temple in a very grand manner on Nov. 13th and 14th.  The suprabhaata sevai
started at 7:00 AM.  The chief priest Acharyalu did an outstanding job of
leading the goshti.  The sanctum sanctorum was full and
the resounding chanting by the paaraayana goshti reverberated the temple
grounds.  It was
a very unique and extremely pleasant and divine atmosphere.  It was followed
by tirumanjanam
for Venkateswara murthy.  The pancha sukthams were recited very slowly and
had full sannidhyam during the entire 1 1/2 hour procedure.  The
tirumanjanam was concluded
to the chanting of dasa Santi mantram. Vedic chanting led by Achaaryalu
swamy was excellent
and unparalleled in the US. During alankaaram, neerAttam and tiruppavai
sevai were conducted.
The tirumanjanam was concluded to the chanting both saatumurai paasurams.

There were a number of bhaktas from other states including our revered Anbil
well respected Naagu satyam, goshti members from Denver including varadan,
mohan saagur
and family.  A contingent of about 10 paaraayana goshti members from Chicago
area participated.

Pushpa yaagam arranged by the temple was well attended by a large gathering
of local devotees.  The sponsors participated in the puja process.  The
floral arrangement
was very unique and captivating.  Narayana saanidhyam was felt by each and
every devotee.

After a brief brake for lunch, the goshti members assembled and chanted sri
Venkatesa gadyam
followed by pUcchUttal, kAppidal and "ulakamunda peruvaayaa".

After a brief introduction by Mani Varadarajan, there were four discourses
presented by varadan (Life and contributions of Manavaala maamunigal), Anbil
Ramaswamy (Naichyaanu sandhaanam of Sir Vedanta Desika and manavaala
maamunigal), Smt. Radha Rangarajan (The greatness of Archaavataara) and R.
Raghavan (Sri Ramanujacharya as seen by Laterday Saints and Scholars).  This
was followed by exquisite musical rendering by Sri Anil Narasimhan and party
and Smt. Subha  Srivatsan and party. They captivated the audience and kept
them spell bound until the program  was completed.

At 6:00 pm utsava moorthy procession along with Sri manavaala maamunigal was
started to the recitation
prabhandam (siriya tirumadal, vaadinEn vaadi varunthinEn, and kanninun
sirutthambhu) in the front and vedA paaraayanam at the back. The prabhandam
group was led by priest Sridhar.  The prabahndam leadership was so superb.
This Srirangam trained priest, led the bhakta kOtees to Sri Rangam itself.
Nobody felt that
they were in Livermoore.  It was unbelievably grand.   Finally, at the end
of sayanOtsavam, the day's event concluded at about 8:30 PM on Nov. 13th,

Next day,  the suprabhatam started at 9:00 AM, followed by prabhanda sevaa
kaalam which included koil tiruvaymozhi, and upadesa ratnamaalai.  Priest
Sridhar led the goshti again. Upadesa ratnamaalai rendering by priest
Sridhar was so authentic and Sri-Rengam like, everyone of the participants
felt that it is reverberating in their ears even after a couple of days have
passed since they left the temple.  After tadiyaaraadhanm break, Kumari
Archana Venkatesan had bharatanaatyam program especially devoted to the
devotional hymns of Alvars.  The program concluded with the felicitation of
artists and sambhaavana to the lecturers around 2:00 PM on Sunday, Nov. 14th

Every one of the assembled devotees were greatful for the unique opportunity
that they had on the two days.

We owe our appreciation and thanks to Mani Varadarajan and Ilayavalli
Venkatesh for all the arrangements.

I also want to pass on our special thanks for all the family members who
hosted the chicago devotees for two days and the Liver more temple
authorities for having given all the devotees such a memorable event.

dAsan Raghavan
on behalf of all the devotees from Chicago.

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