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MahAnArAyaNOpanishat by Dr.NSA Manthra - 10

From: Balaji CG (
Date: Wed Nov 17 1999 - 04:02:44 PST

		MahAnArAyaNOpanishat - manthra - 10

	nynamUrDhvam na thiryancham na madhyE parijagraBhath
	na thasyEshE kashchana thasya nAma mahadyasha:		|| 10 ||


No one has ever grasped by one's understanding the upward limit of
'paramAthman' be it from sidewards or in the middle. There is no one who
rules over Him. "Great Glory" is verily His name.


This manthra is found with a slight variation in ShwEthAshvathara Upanishad
(4-19). In the previous manthra-s His  'ubhaya vibhUthi nAyakathva' was
expounded. Here it is described that He is not fully graspable by anyone.
'na jagraBhath' means 'na grhIthavAn' i.e. 'na j~nAthavAn'. As He is
all-pervasive, particular classifications of Him as above, below, middle or
sideward cannot be made. 
There is no other 'Ishvara' to Him. 'nAma' means well known.


Sri Ranganatha Divyamani Padukabhyam Namaha