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MahAnArAyaNOpanishat by Dr.NSA Manthra - 7

From: Balaji CG (
Date: Mon Nov 15 1999 - 00:24:33 PST

		MahAnArAyaNOpanishat - manthra-7

	thath sUrya: thadu chandramA:
	thadEva shukramamrtham thad brahma
	thadApa: sa prajApathi:


That is verily Agni. That is Vayu. That is the Surya. That alone is the
Moon. That is the  effulgent (through an auspicious body). That is the
Immortal. That is Brahma or prakrthi.  That is the water. He is prajApathi,
the Lord of the creatures.


The supreme Lord was declared to be the one non-second who is the dispenser
of fruits of all  karmas performed by all. The karmas are intended to please
different Gods like Agni and  others and how can they all be the worship of
the one? This doubt is removed in this  manthra.
The one Lord who is the 'antharyAmin' of all deities is worshipped through
the worship of  various deities and that supreme 'antharyAmin' bestows the
fruits of all actions. See Gita  9-23,24. The one is called by all the names
as that one alone happens to be the inmost self  of all. The Gods mentioned
here are the vibhUthi-s of that Lord. Just as Agni and others are  the
vibhUthi-s of that Lord, even prajApathi, the four-faced-God is his vibhUthi
and is  different from the ultimate cause of the universe who is described
in the first manthra. The  word Brahma means 'prakrthi'. 'Apa:' is the
element evolved from that. PrajApathi is the one  who is born in the 'aNda'
described in the purusha sUktha as 'virAjo adhi pUrusha:'. This  manthra
expounds that the Supreme Lord is the inner self of all Gods and is
worshipped  through their worship.


Sri Ranganatha Divyamani Padukabhyam Namaha