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UpadEsa Rathna Maalai:Paaiurams 53-59 celebrating the glory of Sri Vachana BhushaNam

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Nov 13 1999 - 19:23:11 PST

The best among the Sri Sookthis of PiLLai LokAcchAr 

anna pukazh Mudumpai aNNal UlahAsiriyan
  innaruLAl seytha Kalai yaavailum --unnil
thihazh vachana BhUDaNatthin Seermai onRukkillai
  pakhaz ala ivvArtthai mey ippOthu...(53)

(Meaning): on researching all the granthams blessed to us 
with parama krupai by the Mudumpai kula Tilakam , 
PiLLai LOkaachAr of enduring fame , we conclude that 
there is none , which equals Sri Vachana BhUshaNam 
in its glory . AdiyEn's statement is no exaggeration .

(Comments): Sri Vachana BhUshaNam has been saluted 
as " SaangAkila Dhravida Samskrutha rUpa , Veda sArArtha
Sangraha MahArasa Vaakhya Jaatham ".That is what MM is
referring to here .From this paasuram 53 to 59 (seven
Paasurmas ) , MM celebrates the greatness of Sri Vachana
BhUshaNam as a great dhivya Sookthi . 

Why is it called Sri Vachana BhUshaNam ?

munnam kuravOr mozhintha Vachanankal
  tannai--mihakkoNdu kaRROr tamm uyirkku-- minnaNiyAr
serac chamaithtavrE sIr vachana bhuDaNamen
  pEr --ikkalaikku ittAr pin....(54)

(meaning):Pillai LokAcchar collected the Sri Sookthis
of PoorvAchAryAls and out of them made a grantham 
to serve as a piece of beautiful decoration for 
the people of discriminating intellect and gave 
the name of Sri Vachana BhUshaNam to that grantham .

(Comments): MM describes in the introduction portion of
his commentary for Sri  Vachana BhUshaNam that the lustre
of this piece of decorative jewelery for the soul as:
" Rathna prasuramAna BhUshaNatthukku rathna bhUshaNam 
yenRu pEr AmAppOlE , poorvaachAryarkaLudaya vachana 
prasuramAi anusanthAthALukku oujwalyakaramAi irukkayAlE
ithukku Vachana BhUshaNam yenRu ThirunAmAm AayiRRu ".
The PoorvAchAryAl's vachanams are strung together as 
a necklace with lustrous jewels and hence it has been named 
as Sri Vachana bhUshaNam (SVB) .

There are only a few who have mastered SriVachana BhUshanam

Aarvachana bhUDaNathtin Aazh poruL yellaam aRivaar
  aarathu sonnEril anutippAr--Ohr oruvar
uNDAhil atthanik KaaNN  UllamE--yellArkkum
  aNDAthathu anRE athu.....(55)

(meaning): There are not many , who fully
understand the deep and majestic meanings of SVB;
there are not many either , who have the strength
to practise the rules laid out in SVB. Oh My Mind!
It is till possible that there may emerge one, who
qualifies to have that Jn~Anam. Please remember that 
it is not so very easy to accomplish this rare task.

(Comments): SVB is a great MimAmsa saasthram, which is
set in terse aphoristic (Soothram ) style.Even if one
succeeds some what in understanding the meanings with
the help of commentaries , it is still not easy to
practise the commandemets housed in that grantham.
There may be questions as to whether it is appropriate
to create granthams , which are difficult to comprehend 
and practise .The GithA Vaakhyam ," ManushyANAm saahsrEshu
kascchith yathathi siddhayE , yathathAmapi siddhAnAm 
Kaschitth maam vEtthi Tathvatha:" has been quoted in 
this context.

Sorrow over those who do not study SVB

Desikar Paal kEtta sezhumporuLai--chinthai tannil
  MaasaRavE OonRa Mananam seythu-- aacharikka
vallArkaL thaamm vacana bhUDaNathtin vaan poruLai
  kallathathu yennO kavarnthu....(57)

(Meaning): It is sad that the adhikAris 
(the qualified Ones) who through the KaalakshEpam
route grasp the fine meanings of other Sri Sookthams
and put them into practise , what they have learned
through their AchAryAs , do not undertake the study
of the deeper meanings of SVB .What a pity !

Recommending the study of SVB Commentaries

sacchsampiradhAyam thaamudayOr kEttakkAl
  mecchum vyAkkiyaikaL uNDAhil--nacchi
adhihariyum neer vachana bhUDaNaatthkku aRRa 
mathi udayeer --matthiyattharAi...(58)

(Meaning): Oh the glorious ones interested 
in Sri Vachana BhUshanam ! The righteous ones 
belonging to our Sath SampradhAyam might come up
with many scholarly commentaries . Please study 
every one of them with objectivity (Open mind)
and enhnace your comprehension of the fine
meanings of SVB. 

The greatness of Sri Vachana BhUshaNam

sIr vachana bhUDaNathtin semporuLai--sinthai tannAl
  tERilumAm vaay koNDu seppilumAm-AariyarkAL
yenRanukku nALum inithAha ninRathu ayyO
  unthamakku yevvipam uLathAm ...(59)

(Meaning): Oh Illustrious Ones! The majestic meanings
of SVB can be researched by the mind or can be recited
aloud . What an insatiable nectar it is for me , when 
adiyEn meditates on the meanings of the aphorisms of SVB
and recite it !Do You also have similar experience ?
Even a dullard like me has such sweet experience .
I wonder what is the order of magnitude enhancement in
the joy of the gifted ones like you .

( To be continued)
Daasan, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan